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Testimonials of Some ‘Miraculous’ Transformations

A Diagnosis Is a Call to Action — To Take Health Into Your Own Hands….

Here are just a few stories of people who did.

Nothing cures any illness — the body will heal itself once it is cleansed of toxins –

and supplied the tools–the nutrients it needs.

My Story  Dear Avena Originals: October 30, 2003    

                My name is E Anderson. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and am 74 years old. First, I want to thank God that I was made aware of Avena products when I was.  

            I had been a diabetic for over 20 years. Later, I developed high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate. In late Dec. 2001, I began a bout with diarrhea that lasted for 5 months. It became so severe I had to wear diapers. I lost 60 lbs in that same 5 months. Energy dropped to almost nil.

            A visit to Dr Ted on Feb 19, 2002, confirmed that I was very anemic. At the same time, blood tests proved that I had a massive amount of iron stored up in my blood—almost twice as much as the highest the doctor had ever seen before. Yet, I was not producing red blood cells. He suspected Multiple Myeloma, (a form of leukemia), and ordered bone and marrow extractions.

This was done on May 16, 2002.

            I was convinced even before the diagnosis that I was in trouble, so on our 49th wedding anniversary we celebrated by going

to Red Deer for an interview with the president of Avena. He worked out a regime that I went on immediately. We came home and started taking the Herb Cocktail, Electric C, Super Food, Avena Minerals, Toco and Colostrum, plus massive amounts of Avena N-Zymes and Friendly Flora.

            Bone and marrow extractions confirmed that I was afflicted with Multiple Myeloma. Is Multiple Myeloma serious? Our doctor said his last such patient lasted six months after diagnosis. A friend of my brother-in-law lasted three months after being diagnosed. A neighbor of ours lasted almost 18 months after diagnosis. At the Cross Cancer Clinic, I was given a second opinion confirming I did indeed have Multiple Myeloma. I mentioned to the specialist that I had started on an herbal diet and experiencing positive results. He said, “I want you to understand you have Multiple Myeloma. You will always have Multiple Myeloma.

You will die with Multiple Myeloma. There is no cure.”

What Happened?

After three weeks on Avena products, the diarrhea was gone! Within 3 months, I was off insulin! My blood pressure became like that of a teenager! My prostate improved and my energy level had greatly increased.

            While driving one day, my left eye became itchy. I took off my prescription glasses to rub it and noticed I could read the odometer without my glasses! I had not been able to do that, with or without glasses, for several years. I mentioned this to my doctor, who six weeks earlier had said my right eye was ripe for cataract surgery. He examined my eyes again and said, “I don’t know what has happened, but if I sent you for surgery now they’d think I was crazy.”

             During a recent medical checkup, I told the doctor I was gaining weight. He said, “People with Multiple Myeloma don’t gain weight.” I said, “I am hungry all the time.” He said, “That’s another good sign, as people with Multiple Myeloma have no appetite.” “And I have no pain,’ I said. His answer was, “By now you should be suffering much pain from deterioration of the bones.

And you’ve done it all without blood transfusions!”

            How has Avena affected my energy? This past August, my 15-yr-old grandson Jesse and I made a 62km trip to Stony Plain and back to Edmonton on my quad-cycle. By myself on Sept 10, I did a 128.71km trip to Tofield and back to Edmonton. On 20th of Sept, I made an 85km trip to the Tempo service station on Highway 14 to deliver Avena information. This is the highpoint. On Oct 4, 2003, I rode my tricycle from Edmonton to Red Deer, 141km, Edmonton at 6:45am and arriving at the Red Deer city limits at 8:20pm. Total time was 13 hours, 35 minutes, including rest time. Actual riding time was 9 hours, 8 minutes. The round trip totaled 260 km.

I suffered no stiffness or any other ill effects from any of these rides.                        “Thank you Avena,     E Anderson.”


My Third Breast   (Breast cancer.)  Image

            Doctor Lorraine Day was a surgeon for eighteen years in a California hospital. Years of stress and poor eating habits took a toll on her and she developed breast cancer. The tumor grew to the size of a grapefruit, which she called her third breast. She would not take the medical approach because she knew that as a surgeon and seeing many people die from the therapies prescribed, she would not survive herself.

            Dr Day decided on the natural health therapy approach. She tried out sixty-four different methods, non-of which worked. Her tumor just kept on growing. She then made a decision to go on a raw juice diet. It took one whole year before the tumor started to subside and another six months before it was completely gone and she was pronounced cancer-free. Full story on her website:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

A note regarding Doctor Lorraine Day

            Dr Lorraine Day was able to eliminate the cancer due to the cleansing of the toxins that were encapsulated in the tumor.

 The body’s response to the excess of toxins in the body is to encapsulate then in tumors to protect itself from these toxins that the

 body cannot eliminate naturally. It took Dr Day eighteen months to become completely cancer-free. Enzymes in the raw juices played a major role. If enzyme and probiotic supplementation were used, cancer and any other illness could be eliminated very rapidly.


Arthritis and Calcium…

            The symptoms…Image

We have had a mid-aged lady who was severely crippled with arthritis. She was hunched over and approximately five foot six inch in height. Her fingers were riddled with arthritis and she could not straighten them. She could not even lift her arms to comb her hair. Her doctor was recommending about 1500 mg of calcium plus what she was consuming in her food.

            The Prognosis…

She stopped all calcium intake and she went on the ‘Avena Originals’ Whole Food Supplement Program. Highly powerful Enzymes, Friendly Flora, TOCO, Electric C, Superfood, Herb Cocktail, Minerals – Real At Last. Her intake of calcium was now only about 26 mg from the mineral complex.

 Image           Ten months later she attended the ‘Avena Originals’ convention. She got up on the stage, now full height at close to six feet, slim, kicking up her legs in a dance and waving her arms over her head. 

            What a testimony utilizing this most powerful ‘Miraculous’ healing program!

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Cancer is NOT a Disease — It is a Survival Mechanism

ImageCancer is NOT a disease but a symptom from some underlying cause. Read the article and find out how cancer and any other illness may be eliminated painlessly and quickly. Check out our other stories in the blog and learn how and what methods have helped many in their elimination of illness and a return to superb health. And how to stay in great health and avoid all those sicknesses and dis-eases forever!

CANCER is NOT a DISEASE… It is a Survival Mechanism

Disease is caused by the intrusion and accumulation of things in the body that do not belong there.  A good example is when you cut a finger and you get dirt inside of the wound, toxins in the dirt cause the wound to fester and prevent it from healing.  Clean up the wound, remove the infection and the body heals itself.

The list of things that cause disease can include yeast, mold, fungus, bacterium, viruses, candida, cancer cells, etc. Every living human being has some of each of these floating around in their bodies, including cancer cells. That however is not the problem. The problem stems from an accumulation of toxins that provide food and soil for these cells and organisms to grow in.

A tumor is a protective mechanism built by your body to prolong your life. A tumor is actually your friend for the very reason it was built by your body to prolong your life. It is nearly impossible for your body to eliminate all of the toxins that are bombarding you each day. Gradually your bodily fluids have become saturated with acids and toxins that are killing you slowly and making you sick. This is the fish bowl metaphor.

If you don’t change the water in the fish bowl, it eventually gets dirty and the fish dies from suffocation. It is all about pH. Oxygen is critical for functioning in the body and preventing cancer. The levels of oxygen drops ten-fold for each full number drop in pH? When pH levels are 3 points lower than normal (which is the case with most cancer patients) oxygen levels are a thousand times less than they should be.

Your cells are being bathed in water, just like the fish in the bowl. Your cells can be no healthier than the fluid they are bathed in. Are you bathing your cells in things like soda pop? If you were to take a ten-gallon container of water that tests 7.0 pH and pour in one 16 oz. can of soda pop, the pH of the water would drop by 2.5 points. The average human body contains roughly 10 gallons of water. Is it any wonder that Americans are dying of cancer?

Cooked food becomes acidic in the body and also destroys enzymes for metabolic functioning. Nothing works in the body unless enzymes are present first. Protein (amino acids) are not utilized then minerals do not get absorbed and then

vitamins do not function. There is no emphasis on enzymes and people just waste their money taking minerals and vitamins that barely get utilized.

Do you remember your chemistry teacher that taught you about saturation? To demonstrate this principle, he or she took a beaker of water and started pouring sugar into it. At first the sugar would dissolve and look like water, but eventually the water could hold no more sugar and the sugar settled at the bottom of the beaker.

Toxins in the blood and bodily fluids act the same way. We are eating, drinking and breathing toxins every day. Eventually they start falling out of solution. If toxins settle around the joints, we call that symptom a disease and name it arthritis. If toxins settle in the muscle fibers, we name it fibromyalgia. If toxins settle around the nerves we name it multiple sclerosis. (Acid that is eating or dissolving the myelin sheath off the ends of the nerves is what causes MS.)

If toxins settle in the brain, we call it memory loss, headaches, dementia, alzheimer’s, ADD, schizophrenia, brain tumor and a bunch of other “disease” words. If your pancreas gets plugged up with toxins to the point it can no longer make insulin, we call you diabetic.

I could go on, but the point I am trying to make is when toxins settle out into a weakened organ or tissue that is unable to defend itself from toxins as readily as the surrounding tissue, (this could be from genetic defect, prior injury, surgery, etc.) the toxins begin concentrating to a dangerous level. The body’s first order of business is survival, so a signal is sent from the brain instructing the toxic organ to start building a protein or fibrin sheath around the concentrated toxins and we call that a tumor.

Normal cells will usually start dying due to the heavy concentration of toxins inside the tumor. The only way they can preserve their own lives is to mutate or change into a different life form. We have another name for mutated cells; we call them malignant or cancerous. 

Unlike a normal, healthy cell, cancer cells never die. They do however, keep growing and multiplying. The toxins inside of the tumor become food for the mutated cells and since there is no shortage of food, they generally grow quite rapidly.

The tumor becomes a filtering system for your blood, much like the oil filter on your car. The dirty, toxic blood flows into the tumor; the tumor filters out the toxins and sends cleaned blood back to the rest of the body. The toxins that remain are food for the cancer cells and they continue to grow.

Are you content with the idea that cancer is a toxic condition? The human biological terrain is what allows bacteria, viruses and cancer cells to thrive and survive in the human system.

Cancer loves the by-products of petroleum! Petrochemical drugs, chemical fertilizers, herbicides, petroleum exhaust from automobiles and airplanes are all food for cancer cells in the human body.

Acidic foods like cooked foods, meat, dairy, sugar, bread and flour products all create the perfect environment for cancer to grow in. Artificial sweeteners like aspartame are among the list of the most deadly offenders. We should avoid as many of these as possible, but it is impossible to avoid them all.

The mainstream medical treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation add more toxins than the body can handle. The hair falls out, sickness and dreadful suffering occurs. The cancer cells and healthy cells are destroyed. The cancer goes into remission meaning that the toxins are just moved to other areas of the body. Then years later comes back with a vengeance.

Trying to cure cancer with drugs is much like the story of the three little pigs. I tell people you can’t build a brick house out of sticks and straw and if you want a healthy body free of cancer and disease, you have to have the building blocks of good nutrition.

Drugs made from petroleum-based chemicals have NO building blocks for healthy bodies. In fact every drug listed in the Physicians Desk Reference (PDR) lists anywhere from a dozen side effects to over 100 diseases that every single drug can cause. That’s because they all cause acid in the body, which is food for cancer and a breeding ground for all diseases.

 Isn’t it comforting to know there is a simple reason as to why people get cancer and a sensible way to take care of it without burning, poisoning or cutting? So how can we clean up our biological terrain or inner environment? By neutralizing the acids and toxins that all of us have accumulated and by providing a good balance of necessary building blocks of nutrition. We must eat a raw or mostly raw plant diet, juicing to supply the nourishment and the enzymes. And specifically supplementing with large quantities of plant enzymes and the proper probiotics to build up the immune system if we want to eliminate cancer or any other illness quickly..

A Natural Cancer Cure addresses the root or cause of the cancer by giving you simple methods to neutralize the acids and toxins that provide fertile soil for cancer to grow in. Hopefully, you are monitoring your pH results by testing your first morning urine sample. Remember Dr. Warburg said that cancer couldn’t survive in a pH of 7.0.

A Natural Cancer Cure must also incorporate good nutrition. I think you would agree that your health and energy would suffer if you ate nothing but cardboard every day. The junk food that most Americans live on today is little better than cardboard nutritionally and loaded with toxins.

On the other hand, does it bother you to know there is almost no place you can go in America today to get the quality of nutrition that will give you optimum health and help prevent disease? Food that has been picked for 2-3 days is dead and eating dead food leads to death, disease and dehydration. Live food leads to life, health and hydration. 

If your ultimate objective is cancer prevention or cancer cure, nutrition is a vital element that must not be ignored.

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