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Probiotics — What the Gut?

Disclaimer: Nothing cures anything… Only the body can heal itself. Cleanse the body and supply the body the tools it needs (the proper nutrients) and the body will heal itself…

Why So Many Getting Sick (and how to avoid being one of them!)

We consume to much fat, carbohydrates and protein but lack the micro nutrients (and plant enzymes) our body requires to detoxify and clean itself.

Frequent eating shortens our lifespan.

Body builders and athletes live a much shorter life.

“In order to push the maximum envelope of human nutrition, we have to eat a diet of moderate caloric restriction in the environment of micro nutrient excellence.”

We need to cleanse the body of the toxic waste that the body cannot handle. This wast is then stored in the body creating cancer and other illnesses. (Visit for more info.)

Dr. Joel Fuhrman did not mention plant enzymes.  Plant enzymes are extremely important to life. We age and get sick because we run out of enzymes.

Enzymes are in all plants. Enzymes are destroyed by the heat of cooking, irradiation of foods, poor soil quality.

What Do Enzymes Do…??? ­ENZYMES Are Our LIFE FORCE…

The only solution to our present health crisis is food enzymes. The study of food enzymes in nutrition and human health has been a ‘sore eye’ to both scientists and nutritionists alike. Much study was done in the early years but for some reason was not brought to light. Only now we see some glimpses of the need of food enzymes for maintaining and regaining our health.

We will attempt to bring out the importance of enzymes as enzymes are the life force of our body. Without the life energy of enzymes we would be nothing more than a pile of lifeless chemical substances — protein, minerals, vitamins and water. In maintaining health, enzymes and only enzymes do the actual work. They are what we call in metabolism, the body’s labor force.

What are ENZYMES? Enzymes are the key to radiance, longevity, and youth. According to Dr. Edward Howell, the grandfather of enzyme therapy, an enzyme is “a protein molecule with electricity running through it…”.

We Age and Get Sick Because We Run Out of Enzymes

Each one of us is given a limited supply of bodily enzyme energy at birth. This supply, like the energy supply in our new battery, has to last a lifetime. The faster we use up our enzyme supply– the shorter our life. A great deal of our enzyme energy is wasted haphazardly throughout life.

Heat of Cooking DESTROYS ALL Enzymes!

The habit of cooking our food (several degrees of heat above our body temperature destroys enzymes) and eating it processed with chemicals; and the use of alcohol, drugs, medicines, vaccinations and junk food all draw out tremendous quantities of enzymes from our limited supply. Frequent colds, fevers, stress and exposure to extreme temperatures also deplete the supply. Even thinking requires enzyme activity. A body in such a weakened, enzyme-deficient state is a prime target for cancer, obesity, heart disease and practically all other degenerative problems. Such abuse often ends up in the tragedy of suffering and death at middle age. Today, even young children suffer from a lack of enzymes as we see many with childhood diseases and age related illness such as cancer.

People can live healthier and longer by guarding against loss of this precious life force (energy) as shown by wild animals in nature, who statistically outlive people and die of only a handful of natural causes. Bodily enzyme depletion and aging go hand in hand in both laboratory animals and humans. There is a crippled attempt of modern medicine to heal disease and its failure to attack the root of the problem.

So what can we do? One fatal process that may be the cause of all humanity’s bodily ills is the cooking of food. Prolonged heat destroys 100% of enzymes in food. We must replendish those enzymes by adding more raw foods into our diet and unless grown on fertile soil, raw foods can also be low in enzymes. Especially the imported foods that are raised on depleted soils, harvested unripened and transported over long distances.

Supplementation of plant enzymes is then essential for us to maintain and regain our health. Larger quantities of enzyme supplementation has also been proven to help eradicate many health challenges such as cancer, arthritis, obesity, colitis and many other illnesses. When supplementing, care has to be taken that enzyme supplements must be plant based, of the highest quality, contain no fillers and must not be destroyed by the high acid of the stomach in order to be effective.

PLANT ENZYMES are the MOST EFFECTIVE and are NOT DESTROYED by the high acidity of the stomach. They work within a 2 and 12 ph range. PANCREATIC ENZYMES are the LEAST EFFECTIVE. They work within a 6 and 8 ph range and are mostly destroyed by the acidity of the stomach.

Enzymes MUST be in the body first before protein can be effective and before minerals can be utilized we need protein and before vitamins can be absorbed, we need minerals. – The order of nutrients in the body.

What Do Enzymes Do…???

** Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call “life.”

** They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it.

** They “assemble” molecules during their formative growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured.

** Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body. Without enzymes life would not exist. They are our life-force.

** Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form. Without enzymes life ceases.

** Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged;

** they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and every other nutrient the body needs;

**they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells;

**they quench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones.

The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job. Almost everyone focuses on vitamins and minerals, but enzymes must be present in the body first. These are scientific facts. People get ill and age because they lack enzymes.
Not all enzymes are created equal. Learn more elsewhere on this site.

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Our healthcare resources are being pushed to their limits! Rising disease rates continue to result in increasing costs and rising doctor waiting lists. Looking at this logically, what is missing most in our “health care system” is health!

Obesity, diabetes, cancer and other dis-eases are increasing at unprecedented rates. High calorie devitalized products drive compulsive overeating behavior and are destroying the health of an entire generation especially our children. We are eating more calories than ever before, but the foods we are eating are seriously deficient in vital micro nutrients. High micro nutrient-rich whole-foods, are a great way to get essential nutrients while giving us the satiation and ‘full’ feeling our body craves.

In the China Study, a book by T. Colin Campbell, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and Thomas M. Campbell II, a physician, examines the link between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc. The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly whole-food, plant-based diet—avoiding animal products as a main source of nutrition, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce, or reverse the development of numerous diseases.

The study concluded that countries with a high consumption of animal-based foods were more likely to have higher death rates from “Western” diseases, while the opposite was true for counties that ate more plant-based foods.

Our current model of healthcare has turned into a system of disease care, merely treating symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause of disease. Addressing the cause of illness is the logical answer.

Taking a more holistic approach to health, there isn’t a part of our body that isn’t connected to another part of our body. With over a hundred trillion cells in your body, taking a more holistic or whole body approach to health is our best investment.

With the influx of imported non-nutritional foods which are picked unripened, irradiated destroying vital nutrients, pesticides, etc., we need to supplement with vital whole food supplements.

We must ensure that the supplements we take feed our whole body. The world’s leading researchers are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for our cells, as the health of our body is mostly tied to the health of our cells.

Here’s the challenge, with the full range of nutritional supplements available, where do we begin to make the best and most informed choices? Health food stores are lined with row upon row of supplements, and simply walking into a store to pick up a multivitamin may not be enough to adequately supplement our dietary choices, let alone improve our health.

Sure, deciding to purchase health supplements is a step in the right direction, but do we know what our body needs? Do we know what to buy and how to shop for quality supplements?Avena -- A-New-Life-Full-Cover

Evidently, ‘Supplementing With Success’ is much more than just popping pills, but rather choosing nutritional supplements that are synergistically compatible, highly bio available and ultimately, effectively absorbed and utilized by our body. And one of the key factors and most important are plant based enzymes. Many people that have gone the plant-based lifestyle and supplementing with powerful whole-food supplements were able to eliminate their most challenging health challenges. Even some so called incurable illnesses were eliminated.

In fact, if the supplements we consume are not designed according to “The Laws of Nature”, our best intentions and hard-earned dollars are being flushed away, literally!

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Quantum Frequency Technology may be the future of medicine.David Sereda - Best_Rife_Machine_with_Quantum_Gem_Ion_Resonator_White_Wand_360x

But most people have never heard about it before.

When it comes to curing cancer, chemotherapy has a 2-3% success rate

(More accurately, a 97-98% failure rate)

But, could there be a more natural way, using RIFE frequencies?

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Retired Veteran Nurse Saves The Lives Of 3 Terminal Cancer Sufferers Who Were Given “Death Sentences” By Their Doctors!

“Veteran Nurse Saves The Lives Of 3 Terminal Cancer Patients Who Were Given ‘Death Sentences’ By Their Doctors! Learn How…”

Step #1: Watch this video preview

Client #1 – 12-year colon cancer carrier found a new tumor 6 inches up his colon. Doctors said he had to remove the colon and he would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He had 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment, meanwhile he was getting treatment with the light stream wand and when he went back to re-check with colonoscopy and 9 weeks later, the cancer was gone! The doctor’s said it was impossible that the 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment could heal the cancer and asked what he did. He said, “Well, I know someone who knows more about cancer than you!”

Client #2 – She had only 6 months to live, according to her doctor. She was treated with the light stream wand once or twice a week and saw her tumor markers go from 970 down to 200.

Client #3 – He was diagosed with a tumor on his right kidney. We reduced the tumor from size of grapefruit to size of a lemon. He had surgery to remove the tumor, when they had anticipated to remove the entire kdney. He didn’t change his diet, 1.5 years later, his cancer came back on original kidney and left kidney and 3 spots on his liver.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 recurrent cancer and the doctors said he had 6 months to live and was asked to participate in a experimental drug. He declined and chose to do light stream wand therapy. After 35 days of daily treatment, he went for the exam and the cancer was GONE! The doctor thought he had done the experimental drug and and thought he was the only one who survived (the other 24 people died). When he told the doctor that he actually declined the experimental drug, and did the light stream wand treatments, the doctor refused to admit that it was healed and reported that “it wasn’t cancer in the first place”. And he said, “Well you thought is was cancer enough to invite me into a drug experiment…”. Lesson: doctors don’t want to admit or believe that there is a cure out there.

Talk soon- David Sereda

P.S. We make no claims to the effects of the wand. The stories here are only what wands users are reporting to us.

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Michael O’Brian Tells Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story

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Powerful Probiotics

What we’ll cover in this event…

Probiotics are not created equally!
Each different strain and the combination of bacteria are going to produce separate effects.

So what should you be looking for in a bacteria?
Well, when it comes to supplemental probiotics and healthy bacteria very few of them are proteolytic.

This discussion will walk you through what proteolytic means
Why so many experts consider it a MUST HAVE in any probiotic formulation.

Good probiotic and bacteria are essential for health 
Make sure you arm yourself and your body’s defensive strength so they can be the best they can.

Avena Originals Testimony – My battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer
Christina has been involved with Avena Originals since 2005 and has been doing an awesome job within these last few years building her Drink Me Smoothie Company.
Michael OBrian Tells Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story… From death-bed cancer to cancer-free in sixty days…
Darren Berrcloth aka “BearClaw” Talks about how much his health has improved by changing his diet, and emphasising his nutrition with Avena Originals. This special segment came from Avena’s – A New Life DVD

DIABETES - studyA1Diabetes (and for all other illnesses) explained and the Diabetes protocol…

Protocol to eliminate diabetes and other illness — read below>>>

Our very first expert compares diabetes to “The Black DEATH of the 21st century”.

In the 13th century, the Black Death was a plague that SWEPT Europe, killing half of its people, entire towns and villages wiped out. They did not know how to keep their families safe.

Now, you and I need to know how to protect our families from the twin pandemics of our times: Diabetes AND Obesity.

There have been all kinds of money and medicine applied to the problem, yet it just keeps getting worse.

Think it’s not you? New estimates say that more than HALF of US residents alone have diabetes or prediabetes, and 75% of them don’t know they have it.

And as you’ll hear one expert proclaim tonight, “Even skinny people aren’t safe.”

But you CAN keep your family safe when you have the information that we reveal to you in this – sometimes terrifying – but immensely valuable AND HOPE-FILLED documentary series.

It is very likely that diabetes, pre-diabetes, or deadly conditions like metabolic syndrome already exist in your family or friend circle, so this episode is VITAL if you want to support them.

50 to 80% of us have at least pre-diabetes and HALF of us don’t even know it!

Completely Reverses Diabetes

Seven Steps to Optimal Health Program”

Protocol for the program is below…

Finally push the “Stop” button on Type 2 Diabetes and drastically improve Type 1 –starting right now!

On this eye-popping page, you’ll:

  • Learn the REAL reason you have diabetes…and what you can do about it
  • Attack diabetes at its source…without swallowing dangerous drugs
  • Never poke or prick yourself with glucose meters or insulin EVER again
  • Completely REVERSE (not just treat) diabetes.

…put simple:

Heal Your Diabetes For Good!

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already up to your eyeballs with diabetes information. The problem is, you don’t know what to make of it!

With thousands of books, articles, and online programs out there, there’s no shortage of information…just a shortage of good information.

Keep reading, because I’m going to cut out the fat and give you the only diabetes information you’ll ever need!

What Does…and Doesn’t Cause Diabetes

I know what you’re thinking.

You think I’m going to tell you that diabetes is part of some giant conspiracy concocted in a dimly-lit backroom with “big pharm”, the FDA, and your doctor all sitting at the table.

While there’s definitely some shady stuff going on with diabetes treatments, let’s start with some…

Cold-Hard Truths About Diabetes

I hope this will put some of the crazy talk out there to rest:

  • Doctors are NOT evil masterminds: Sure, he wears a lab coat, but he doesn’t plot night and day to make sure you have diabetes forever. Doctors aren’t wicked – they’re just horribly misguided and WAY too medication-oriented. They are trained by the pharmaceutical industry and not in natural methods.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies aren’t out to harm people: Let’s get something straight: drug companies don’t want you to get better but they don’t want to kill you either. They’re a business like any other and they need sick customers to keep their profits growing.
  • You have NOT been 100% wrong about diabetes: You probably have a good handle on the basics, but you’ve likely been duped by the misinformation floating around. I’m here to fill in the gaps –not tell you what you already know.
  • Diabetes isn’t your fault: It probably seems that there’s a line of people waiting to tell you exactly what you’ve done wrong. Not me! I realize that diabetes isn’t something you get from being “bad” –it’s a result of listening to the wrong people!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can start getting to the good stuff: why you have diabetes and how you can get rid of it!

Four HUGE 21st Century Diabetes Discoveries
That Your Doctor Has NO Clue About

  1. Weight Loss Does NOT Cure Diabetes but it sure does help: From the day you’ve been told you have diabetes, everyone from your doctor to your mom has been squawking at you with the same tired message: “lose weight, lose weight, lose weight”.  It probably sounds like they’re reading from a script!

Well guess what? Dropping a few pounds isn’t going to hurt…but it’s no cure! Research shows that the foods you eat make or break diabetes, but calories and pounds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!

Fat around the pancreas prevents the pancreas from producing the required insulin for sugar metabolization. So thin and skinny people can have fat around the pancreas and other organs by eating the wrong toxic foods.

  1. Diabetes Is Not a Life Sentence: Whenever I hear a doctor talk about diabetes, they drone on non-stop about “diabetes treatment”, “diabetes management” and “diabetic control”.

Sadly, you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor use the word “cure”.

Based on the last decade of research, it’s clear that diabetes is a 100% curable condition. The reason that most people are stuck with diabetes for their whole lives is that they rely on nasty drugs, way-off diets, and impossible to follow exercise programs!

  1. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diet Makes Diabetes WORSE: This is one thing almost everyone can agree on: diet is the diabetes “make or break” factor. Diet can cause, and as I’m about to show you, completely cure diabetes.

Unfortunately, the ADA doesn’t seem interested in putting together a diet-based cure for diabetes. That’s why they allow foods like high fructose corn syrup, Snickers bars …and even lard!

  1. The Current Line of Treatments Flat Out Don’t Work: Your doctor may claim that there’s scientific evidence for the drug he gave you. The question you need to ask him (and yourself) is:

“If these treatments are so great, why does everyone and their brother have diabetes?”

Consider this:Good diet

    • Almost 80% of everyone has some form of pre-diabetes (more than double the amount of full-blown diabetics)
    • The amount spent on diabetes care doubles every 25 years

Does this sound like modern medicine is making progress? Not to me!

Diabetes is a Symptom AND a Disease

Believe it or not, but when you stick your finger with a glucometer and you get a blood sugar reading of let’s say 250, it’s NOT because you have diabetes!

That’s right: plenty of people without diabetes walk around with high blood sugars all the time. How can this be?

It all comes down to a single word: I-N-F-L-A-M-M-A-T-I-O-N

You read that right; inflammation is the root cause of diabetes.

It’s the inflammation that makes your cells ignore insulin (also known as insulin resistance).

It’s inflammation that makes your pancreas to shrivel up and die

It’s the inflammation that’s causing your diabetes!

“What The Heck Is Inflammation?”

That’s a great question. I know I just dropped a bombshell on you, so let me tell you a bit more about this downright deadly phenomenon.

Have you ever stubbed your toe and it swelled up like a helium balloon? That’s inflammation at work. Inflammation is just your body’s way of treating sickness, infection or injury.

When you eat the wrong foods, your body goes into full-fledged attack mode and treats the toxins you just ate as foreign invaders! And if you keep eating the wrong foods (even those that you think are healthy), the inflammation fire rages higher and higher until your body is in crisis.

It’s no wonder that Time Magazine recently chose to put inflammation as it’s cover story…

it’s just that important!

The only way to get inflammation under control is to knock out the toxic foods from your diet. Once that’s done, you need to start adding anti-inflammatory foods that are like ice-cold water on a flame!

Then, and only then, can your body bounce back, repair, and do the internal renovations that will completely reverse diabetes!

What I discovered in my diabetic research was that taking out ONE type of food is enough to reverse the inflammation and get your diabetic condition under control.

So the 7 step system will assist in reversing the blood sugar level and inflammation.

First let me explain a very important point:

One of the worst things you can do……is take a bunch of diabetes medications. It might be hard to admit, but you probably already know that these meds do much more harm than good!

Just because the meds put the cap on your blood sugar doesn’t mean your diabetes is getting any better.

Truth be told, these same meds make inflammation skyrocket.

Pills are not going to do anything but treat the symptoms! And in the long run, they’ll make your problem worse.

For the first time in history, the new goal is to not just treat, but completely eliminate diabetes.

Seriously, think about this for a moment. This means that you can live a fun and fulfilling life -100% diabetes free!

the Lymphatic System

When was the Last Time You Drained Your Lymph Fluids?

‘Acidosis’ is the other cause of inflammation besides a toxic diet.. We feed our body, hopefully, with the proper foods that give us the nutrients we require. The nutrients are absorbed through the colon walls. The blood carries these nutrients to feed the trillions of cells that compose our body. This blood must be in an alkaline state. The cells have to excrete their wastes through the lymph system. This waste is acidic. It is like the sewage system of the body. If this waste is not excreted through the kidneys, it then backs up creating all sorts of health problem issues. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, crohns, dementia, diabetes, pain, psoriasis and any other so-called symptom…lymphatic-system-lymph-nodes-54bf21348d2d6-704x854

Your body’s lymph system is the sewage system for even normal metabolic toxins, and more so if there are health issues. Lymph nodes provide antigens for purifying fluids containing anything from allergens to cancer cells. That fluid is simply called lymph. There is more lymph in your body than blood, but unlike blood, there is no pump for lymph.

If lymph doesn’t move out of small lymph nodes through their ducts into the kidneys and liver, it backs up like a clogged sewer line. Lymph nodes can become infected and you wind up with the misnomer of “swollen glands.” Learn more on the site below…

The kidneys are the elimination organs and if not filtering properly will cause a back up of the acidic lymph. The skin is our third kidney, so this acidic waste if not eliminated through the kidneys, comes out through the skin (psoriasis and other skin problems) or is concentrated in a tumor (cancer).

Animal protein is another cause of acidosis. Specifically an animal based diet and casein in milk and whey. According to extensive research (‘The China Study’ by Colin T. Campbell} people on an animal based diet acquired all types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. When they were put on a plant based diet, all diseases disappeared.

Amazing Diabetes Recovery

To Avena Originals and Management

Hello to all of you and best wishes too. I want to let you know how I have been doing with my Diabetes. For many years my Doctors had been telling me I was diabetic. I had all the symptoms, the high and low sugar levels, or better said my level of sweetness varied from day to day and hour to hour. One day the Doctor told me I would have to go on pills or needles. To which I said NO. I had lost my sister to diabetes, amputations 4 times, blindness and misery. I contacted Frankie in Kelowna and we set up a meeting in Surrey after the regular meeting. I began to follow the outline he had given me the very next day. For the next 4 months I ate Raw, 80% Organic fruits and Veggies. No dairy, no meat or eggs. I felt so deprived. I also took all of the seven Avena Products that Frankie had recommended to take: 100 Enzyme caps daily, Herb cocktail twice daily, 2 or 3 Teaspoons with Orange juice. 6 Minerals, 20 + friendly flora (probiotics), Toco (E-Fusion) 4 times daily 2 teaspoons full, 30 to 40 Super foods daily and Electric C two teaspoons with orange juice. I gave up Coffee, all forms of alcohol, and pop, candy, and some of the so-called better things like chocolate etc. I did this program for 120 plus days, at which time my BS, or blood sugar, was consistently 5.2 Now 2 ½ years later, my doctor said you can’t have cured your diabetes, you own it for life. So in Sept 2005 he ordered a random blood test, non-fasting, and much to his surprise it came back at 5.2, and he also said my kidneys had returned to normal with no sign of complications from diabetes. I thank God and Avena and some friends who encouraged me a lot when I needed it most.

That is my story and I wish to share it with the world.
Your Friend
George Harley Kornelsen

I was diagnosed with high blood sugar, pre-diabetes. I had symptoms of twitching nerves of the feet. Cold feet at night where I had a hard time falling asleep. My young doctor prescribed metamorphin which I took just for a few months plus another very expensive drug which I did not pick up. I learned that taking drugs does not eliminate the health problem, just prolongs the agony and when the first stops working a stronger one is prescribed. Then another stronger drug and just have to rely on these drugs forever. Becomes very, very costly.

I went the natural way. Diabetes is caused by the organs not functioning properly. The pancreas stop producing insulin because of also fat around the organs. I went considerable much more on a raw diet. Lost weight. And learned that ripe fruit, berries and melons are the best diet. Fruit is the only food that does not require insulin to push  the sugar into the cells. Not the other sugar, not artificial sugars and not the processed fructose.

I done green smoothies with fruit and green leafy vegetables. Added Avena’s E-Fusion (excellent for diabetics and healing diabetic sores), RP3 raw protein, ground flax seeds, cinnamon, raw sunflower seeds, etc.

I also took herbs that support the pancreas, kidneys and other organs plus Avena’s ‘Herbal Balance’. Within weeks my diabetic symptoms disappeared and I can still take the occasional cookies or so without any consequences. Seems like my organs are regenerating with all these super nutrients.

Being a health researcher, thank goodness I do not do prescription drugs. The body CAN rebuild itself once the proper tools, the proper nutrients, are supplied…!!!

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS    250-220-1262

A study illustrates…  that a plant-based diet can dramatically improve the health of people with diabetes. It also shows that people found this way of eating highly acceptable and easy to follow. Did you know? Both the American and Canadian Diabetes Associations include plant-based as a diet option!

Don’t Treat Diabetes- Beat It! The proven, natural way to completely reverse type 2 diabetes and drastically improve type 1 diabetes symptoms!

It’s Time To Get Serious!

Not A Decision to Put Off Until Tomorrow

Diabetes isn’t something you have to live with anymore! Starting RIGHT NOW, you can be well on your way to making diabetes a thing of the past. Order the ‘Seven Steps to Optimal Health program’ now!

Leading Edge Health at 250-220-1262

Solutions to All Health Challenges

Protocol For Maintaining Superb Health and Eliminating any Illness

We have been helping people with health challenges who have attained 100% success when they follow the program. Your dilemma could be easily corrected. We are meant to be in Ideal Health but we must follow what our creator gave to us… REAL food that feeds our body. Not distorted foods that create dis-eases.

The problem with all health issues is ‘acidosis’. We feed our body, hopefully, with the proper foods that give us the nutrients we require. The nutrients are absorbed through the colon walls. The blood carries these nutrients to feed the trillions of cells that compose our body. The blood must be in an alkaline state. The cells have to excrete their wastes through the lymph system. This waste is acidic. It is like the sewage system of the body. If this waste is not excreted through the kidneys, it then backs up creating all sorts of health problem issues. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, crohn’s, dementia, diabetes, pain, psoriasis and any other so-called symptom…

The kidneys are the elimination organs and if not filtering properly will cause a back up of the acidic lymph. The skin is our third kidney, so this acidic waste if not eliminated through the kidneys, comes out through the skin (psoriasis and other skin problems) or is concentrated in a tumor (cancer).

Animal protein is another cause of acidosis. Specifically an animal based diet and casein in milk and whey. According to extensive research (‘The China Study’ by Colin T. Campbell} people on an animal based diet acquired all types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. When they were put on a plant based diet, all diseases disappeared.

So what do we do to resolve this problem…???

Here is our protocol to stay stay in good health and eliminate any illness… a proper diet is crucial to good health. And since today our food is devoid in nutrients, we MUST supplement with good nutrition…

Humans our diet should consist mostly of ripe fruits, berries and melons. Fructose in fruits is the only sugar that does not require insulin. They supply the required nutrients our body requires. They also assists in the cleansing process of our body. Green leafy vegetables and other vegetables in a raw state are also strongly recommended. Green smoothies with the above foods are easily digested and absorbed. It takes the body to adjust so starting with lightly steamed vegetables will ease and adjust the body gradually into more of a raw diet. Recommendation is 80% raw to 20% cooked. This process takes time so we also recommend the following supplementation…

We work with the following products because they ‘BRING RESULTS’…!!!

People have experienced ‘Miraculous’ transformations in their lives with this program.

Grai BealeGrai Beal has been part of Avena Originals for many years, and now you finally you get to hear his testimony on his lifestyle, health, nutrition, and using Avena Originals. Here is where you can get Grai’s view on body building on a plant based diet, and how much more value you can get from looking after your digestion to improve fitness performance.

RP3 Raw Protein…  Avena - rp3_2Avena - E-Fusion - Vit. E complex

Dr. Morse addresses the simplicity of how the body works.

We still need to supplement with pure, clean whole food supplements as our food does not contain all the nutrients the body requires.

Below are supplements to keep the body in optimal health…

(Other products possibly would not be as effective and not proven to work

as our success is only with PROVEN products that do work.)

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Herb Cocktail… A whole body detox. Cleans the body and assists in removing impacted waste material from the colon walls. 1 tsp. morning and evening at least 20 minutes before and after meals. Preferably with fresh pure orange juice. Makes it more effective. Avena - herb cocktail

Enzymes... Aids in the digestion of foods. Not all enzymes are created equal. Plant enzymes are the MOST effective. Depending on the situation… anywhere from 5 to 25 per day.

The more taken, the quicker the results.

What Do Enzymes Do?

Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call “life.”

–They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it.

–They “assemble” molecules during their formative growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured.

–Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body.

–Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form.

–Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged; –they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and every other nutrient the body needs;

–they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells; –they quench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones.

–The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job.

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Proteolytic Probiotics… Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics…pp240

…have an undeniable ability to provide optimal support to our immune system — and make the immune system work as it was designed .

Symptoms such as… eczema, psoriasis, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, cirrhosis, cancers of all types, hepatitis, colds, flu, fever, bacterial and viral infections and much more are manifested due to toxins and a lack of Enzymes and Probiotics.

Enzymes and Probiotics are found in organic RAW foods. Cooking, irradiation of foods, chemicals, stress and many other factors destroy ALL Enzymes, Probiotics and many nutrients.

2 – 5 caps just before retiring. See articles on our site…

Supplementing with Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics (the friendly flora) IS MORE IMPORTANT than taking vitamins and minerals!

E-Fusion – Ultimate Nutritional Enhancement — Whole Food Complex… an “Ideal” baby food. Cancer patients experienced no pain using E-Fusion.Avena - e-fusion

Electric ‘C’ – a complete vitamin ‘C’ complex with electrolytes… A natural antibiotic. Electric C 127

Minerals ‘Real AT Last’ – a complete mineral complex…

Super Food – Enhanced with Enzymes and a whole food co-factor blend — a superpower food.

Green Smoothies and Bodybuilding… Grai Beal stays in excellent shape with his natural diet at the age of 50!

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Some other products that are important to support sugar metabolism and help rebuild the organs such as the kidneys, pancreas and other organs.

Herbs for the specific organs, magnesium, chromium with cinnamon, etc.

Make sure to contact us for further information with any questions and how to use the products most effectively… We are here to help in your wellness challenge…

Did you know that enzymes and proteolytic probiotics is our immune system. Heating/cooking destroys all enzymes and most nutrients. Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics are the MOST important nutrients…They are the Workers in the body…!!!

Most people are deficient of enzymes.

Enzymes must be in the body first. Without enzymes, protein is not utilized. Without protein, minerals are not absorbed. Without minerals – vitamins do not function… and in that order.

There is a BIG difference of different types of enzymes. Learn about enzymes and much more…

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Nothing cures anything –- Cleanse the body of toxins. Get the lymph (sewer system) flowing. Alkalize the body. Feed the body with the proper Whole Raw Foods and the body will heal itself…!!!

Health Is Not a Matter of Chance… It is Just a Matter of Choice !

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