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CANCER ANSWER___________________

Could the CURE be IN the CAUSE?

Is it time to take matters into our own hands and educate ourselves on real prevention and elimination of our illnesses…??? It could save our life and someone we love.


Am I ever ill…

The big “C” word stops just about everyone in their tracks, and rightfully so— it’s the most feared disease. Researchers predict that one in three people will develop cancer in their lifetime and that number is expected to jump to one in two people.

As Lorraine Day, M.D. states in her article…

“If you had a young child who was very sick with chicken pox, with pox marks all over the skin of the body, would you take that child to the doctor and ask the doctor to cut out all the pox marks in the child’s skin – or burn them out – or poison them out – so the child “would be well?” Of course you wouldn’t!  Chicken Pox | Chicken Pox Vaccine | Chicken Pox Pictures | Chicken Pox Symptoms | Diseases Pictures

You would know that the pox marks in the child’s skin are a local manifestation of a systemic disease – a disease that affects the child’s whole body. You would also know that when the child’s body gets well, the pox marks on the skin will go away. The pox marks aren’t the cause of the problem. The pox marks are the result of the problem. The child is not sick because of the pox marks. The child has pox marks on the skin because the whole body is sick with the chicken pox!

If a person has cancer or any other illness,    Saliva Test for Lung Cancer  that person is not sick because of the cancer; the cancer has manifested because the whole body is sick. The cancerous tumor is not the cause of the person being sick; the cancerous tumor is the result of a body that is very sick.

The focus must be on getting the whole body well – not on getting rid of the tumor. Because when the body gets well – the tumor will automatically go away – just like the pox marks in the skin of a child with chicken pox will go away when that child’s body gets well.”

When the immune system is healthy and vibrant cancer is kept in check.

Cancer is caused by the way we eat and the way we live. And that is where it must be addressed in order to reverse it. If one continues to eat and live as we always have, cancer will return. One must dramatically change the way we are eating and living in order to reverse the cancer or to prevent its return.

Certain enzymes are proteins that ‘catalyse’ (increase the rate of) chemical reactions and target cancer cells without harming normal cells. It was discovered that salvestrols destroy cancer cells. Salvestrols and phytonutrients are found naturally in many fruit and raw vegetables,     Phytonutrients          but chemical farming means that we only find them in any quantities today in organic food.

Salvestrols are the natural defense system in fruit and vegetables against fungal attacks and that’s why they are only found in those species subject to fungus damage. Cancer is itself a form of fungal attack and that’s why salvestrols are effective against it.

The fungicide chemicals used in modern farming   Liquid Copper Fungicide  kill the fungus artificially and this stops the plants from triggering their own defence – salvestrols. This is why they are in abundance in any worthwhile quantity in organic produce, which is 30% higher in salvestrols and other beneficial molecules than non-organic. This is one key reason why cancer rates have exploded since chemical food production began.

An other cause, according to Dr. Morse, is an overly acidic body system whereby toxins cannot be eliminated and settle in the organs. Cancerous tumors are formed when the body cannot eliminate the overburden of toxins created by the diets people consume. These toxins are encapsulated within the tumor. As more and more of these toxins accumulate, the tumors grow larger and larger. Cancer is not a disease. It is a survival mechanism. It is a warning for us to improve our diet and start a cleansing process of our body.  Dr. Robert Morse

An animal based diet as research shows in the book, the China Study,  Vegan Epicurean: Online Book Club – The China Study  creates all types of illnesses.

And radiation from WiFi and cell phone frequencies, especially the forthcoming 5G frequency, will causes more cancer. (Do a search on-line on dangers of WiFi frequency.)   A woman holding her Smartphone. In 2008, the Scientific American publication explained the danger of Wi-FI on the human brain.  Protect yourself from WiFi frequency dangers to your health…      Visit and click on products:



A publication by Dr Edward Howell, Enzyme Nutrition’ on enzymes  

Dr. Edward Howell: A Man With an Urgent Message

By Ron Rendelman

“When we eat cooked, enzyme-free food, the body is forced to produce enzymes needed for digestion… This ‘stealing’ of enzymes from other parts of the body sets up a competition for enzymes among the various organ systems and tissues of the body. ,The resulting metabolic dislocations may be the direct cause of cancer, coronary heart disease, diabetes and many chronic incurable diseases.”

Dr. Edward Howell

  …and research by former M.D. Michael O’Brien, shows that enzymes are extremely beneficial to our health and are the system fighters… Enzymes are found in all raw plants but heating, such as in cooking our food, destroys all enzymes. We age, grow old and diseased become we lack enzymes. Powerful plant enzymes including proteolytic probiotics assist in maintaining good health and disease elimination.

Former M.D. Michael O’Brien  Micheal_Obrien  had success in assisting Dr. Bernard Jensen in his challenge with death-bed cancer. Mr Jensen, in his eighties, was given some eight days to live – funeral arrangements were already made. With powerful plant enzymes and proteolytic probiotics, Dr. Jensen was pronounced cancer-free in sixty days. He went on to live another nine healthy years and passed naturally in his nineties. See stories and videos shown listed on the site…

Lorraine Day, M.D got well by using natural plant remedies. Dr. Day was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer and had a lumpectomy of a small tumor.   But the tumor soon recurred, became very aggressive and grew rapidly. She chose instead to rebuild her immune system using the natural, simple inexpensive therapies designed by God and available to everyone, so her body could heal itself. Dr. Day is totally healthy and cancer-free, takes no medications whatsoever, and has no aches or pains anywhere.  And it has been many, many years since her cancerous tumor first appeared.  As you can see, God’s Health Plan works!!

Dr. Lorraine Day at age 80. Alive and healthy! The power of whole foods with enzymes…

“Did you know that we age and get ill because we run out of enzymes…”

A plant based mostly raw diet and supplementing with ultra powerful plant enzymes  Enz - Probi  and proteolytic probioticsis  pp240  plus other whole food supplements, is extremely important if we want to be free of illness and disease. (Visit: ) Many have been able to eliminate their most challenging health problems with the regimen outlined in this article. (Note: Not all enzymes are created equal and not work as well. Learn about the differences in enzymes and proteolytic probiotics on the site below. Request our enzyme newsletter.)

Why people do not get well… As a health researcher and health consultant, I have researched numerous alternative methods as there are many out there. Yes we do need our medical system to diagnose and treat. So if we develop any medical condition, we should consult our medical provider. But we should follow the above advice if we want to keep us in good health. Many that have done so are in very good health today and many have reversed their most challenging and debilitating illnesses.

We can live an illness-free life and regain our youth…!!!

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