What Is Our Natural Immunity… Webinar

Webinar… Get all details… Webinar link: https://tinyurl.com/hkxkyezw or…

Immunity — What to do to prevent catching viruses and prevent (vac-cin-es). Including colds, flu and other illnesses. Whether you refuse vac-cin-es or already have received any vac-cin-es… this informative immunity webinar is for you. 

Reports of spike protein damage from numerous resources, have shown to cause blood clots resulting in damaged blood vessels. Many complications have been reported from this complication, even death. People acquiring these detrimental complications are due to a compromised immune system… or a very weak immune system.

So what we need to know is how to protect us from these detrimental damages in our body. This webinar will explain what we need to know.


We can protect ourselves with our own natural immune system.

We need to build up immunity and the best way to do it is naturally, by cleansing the body of toxins, a healthy diet and the proper food supplements that bring RESULTS…! We need to know how effective supplements are because not all supplements are created equal. Any products mentioned on this webinar are found to have shown PROVEN RESULTS…!!!

   A few highlights from the webinar… 

Did you know that 70% of immunity is found in the gut? 

   Top four issues that lead to a crippled immune system…

Bowel toxemia, mucous plaquing, compromised microbiome and enzyme deficiency.

By products of incomplete digestion damage immune tissue on intestinal walls. Layers of mucous form over villi from undigested food blocking uptake of nutrients. This prevents body waste and toxins from moving into the gut for elimination. The microbiome produced by friendly bacteria, the probiotics, break down proteins and increase viral protection. Proteolytic probiotics are known to be anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-tumoral. Enzymes produce white cell protection by up to 1300%. 

Learn what certain specialize products will increase the immune system, prevent viral infections and keep us in a superb healthy condition. 

The Best Defense is a Strong Offense!

“None of our customers have reported contracting Co-vi-d while following our immune-enhancing lifestyle, I think this speaks to the power behind about we are talking about” Mel Tarry President

At end of webinar: Darren Bearecloth, champion bike rider video, “What I Do To Prevent Viruses and Other Illnesses and Enhance My Atheltic Performance.”

Darren Bearecloth

Webinar link: https://tinyurl.com/hkxkyezw

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