Victoria, BC

Bio: Here is what I do… I’m a health research/consultant. I always had an interest in health and helping people maintain their health and stay in top shape of health.  We have help people eliminate practically any known illness. Illnesses such as ALS, lupus, crohn’s, all forms of cancer and many, many more, even those so-called incurable ones.  (Eg. Gentleman with prostate cancer on his death-bed. Funeral arrangements were already made. Was pronounced cancer-free after sixty days. Went on to live a healthy long life into his nineties.) A young pregnant mother to be. Acquired cancer and MS at the same time. Refused the medical system’s method. Eliminated both illnesses, had her child, and living very health today). Of course some do not believe and are not with us anymore or they just continue to suffer from their illness. Nothing cures anything,,, supply the body the proper tools it needs and the body will heal itself. We have much details on our educational websites and I send out an educational health.package for those that request one… --  There is no ‘Magic’ Bullet but there is… Visit the site...

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