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Testimonials of “Miraculous Transformations”…

My Story

My name is E Anderson. I live in Edmonton, Alberta and am 74 years old. First, I want to thank God that I was made aware of these specialized products when I was.

!cid_4B662A0EBEF84BCC8DC215569A2FD5B3@louisbb9e10800I had been a diabetic for over 20 years. Later, I developed high blood pressure and an enlarged prostate. In late Dec. 2001, I began a bout with diarrhea that lasted for 5 months. It became so severe I had to wear diapers. I lost 60 lbs in that same 5 months. Energy dropped to almost nil.
A visit to Dr Ted on Feb 19, 2002, confirmed that I was very anemic. At the same time, blood tests proved that I had a massive amount of iron stored up in my blood—almost twice as much as the highest the doctor had ever seen before. Yet, I was not producing red blood cells. He suspected Multiple Myeloma, (a form of leukemia), and ordered bone and marrow extractions. This was done on May 16, 2002.

I was convinced even before the diagnosis that I was in trouble, so on our 49th wedding anniversary we celebrated by going to Red Deer for an interview with the president of the company that distributes these specialized products.. He worked out a regime that I went on immediately. We came home and started taking these products.

Bone and marrow extractions confirmed that I was afflicted with Multiple Myeloma. Is Multiple Myeloma serious? Our doctor said his last such patient lasted six months after diagnosis. A friend of my brother-in-law lasted three months after being diagnosed. A neighbor of ours lasted almost 18 months after diagnosis. At the Cross Cancer Clinic, I was given a second opinion confirming I did indeed have Multiple Myeloma. I mentioned to the specialist that I had started on a herbal diet and experiencing positive results. He said, “I want you to understand you have Multiple Myeloma. You will always have Multiple Myeloma. You will die with Multiple Myeloma. There is no cure.”

What Happened?

Empower Yourself

Empower Yourself

After three weeks on the specialized products, the diarrhea was gone! Within 3 months, I was off insulin! My blood pressure became like that of a teenager! My prostate improved and my energy level had greatly increased.

While driving one day, my left eye became itchy. I took off my prescription glasses to rub it and noticed I could read the odometer without my glasses! I had not been able to do that, with or without glasses, for several years. I mentioned this to my doctor, who six weeks earlier had said my right eye was ripe for cataract surgery. He examined my eyes again and said, “I don’t know what has happened, but if I sent you for surgery now they’d think I was crazy.”
During a recent medical checkup, I told the doctor I was gaining weight. He said, “People with Multiple Myeloma don’t gain weight.” I said, “I am hungry all the time.” He said, “That’s another good sign, as people with Multiple Myeloma have no appetite.” “And I have no pain,’ I said. His answer was, “By now you should be suffering much pain from deterioration of the bones. And you’ve done it all without blood transfusions!”

How have these products affected my energy? This past August, my 15-yr-old grandson Jesse and I made a 62km trip to Stony Plain and back to Edmonton on my quad-cycle. By myself on Sept 10, I did a 128.71km trip to Tofield and back to Edmonton. On 20th of Sept, I made an 85km trip to the Tempo service station on Highway 14 to deliver some information on these products. This is the highpoint. On Oct 4, 2003, I rode my tricycle from Edmonton to Red Deer, 141km, Edmonton at 6:45am and arriving at the Red Deer city limits at 8:20pm. Total time was 13 hours, 35 minutes, including rest time. Actual riding time was 9 hours, 8 minutes. The round trip totaled 260 km. I suffered no stiffness or any other ill effects from any of these rides.

Thank you for these incredible products, E Anderson.”

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