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Nothing cures anything. Only the body can heal itself.
Supply the body the tools, the nutrients, it needs and the body will heal itself.

A pioneer on enzymes…
Dr Edward Howell believed that cooking our food results in a shortened life span, illness and a lowered resistance to various types of stress.
He pointed out that Homo sapiens and animals in general
consuming a diet largely of cooked foods have enlarged pancreases,
while the others glands and organs, the brain to a high degree, shrink in size.

We know that enzymes, proteolytic probiotics and other powerful products bring RESULTS!

The proof is in the testimonials. Go to
Click on the testimonials tab specifically “confirmed that I had Pancreatic Cancer.
The blood tests showed that the cancer was almost gone.”              
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And the testimonial of the un-curable ‘lupus’ on the front page of the same site.

And on this site…
The testimonials in the categories section… “Cancer free in 60 days” and  “cancer and MS victory”

There is also on the DVD… “A New Life”… (see below on this site)
How the gentleman eliminated the so-called un-curable ALS.

The sooner the person gets on the program, the sooner the healing will begin. Enz - Probi

I have experiences that many do not believe and many of those are not with us today.
Our scientist, former medical doctor, got cirrhosis of the liver and colon cancer at the same time. Micheal_Obrien
He found a way to eliminate his health challenges and went on to help others. ENZYMES are the key!
His company formulates our MOST POWERFUL ENZYMES and other powerful products that bring RESULTS !

Avena Originals markets his Powerful Enzymes and other products.
Other companies purchase a weaker enzymes in order to make more money on them.

“Health is not a matter of chance, it is only a matter of choice.!”

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Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS

A brief explanation on the different enzymes.

Avena Originals  supplies the MOST POWERFUL and MOST EFFECTIVE enzymes that bring results. See the testimonials
on this site and on
The FAQ (frequently asked questions) on the site gives  good answers
to many questions.

If a person goes on the program of enzymes, proteolytic probiotics
and some other product,  results will be seen very quickly. The more enzymes, the quicker the results.
Q: Are There Different Types of Enzymes?A: YES, the three (3) sources of enzymes you will find in the market are Pancreatic, Plant Extracted, and Plant Cultured Enzymes.

PANCREATIC: Pancreatic Enzymes will only fire-up in pH of 7.8 – 8.3. You will never find any person with health challenges with a pH of 7.8 – 8.3. Usually their pH is under 7, which is an unsuitable acidic state. Also, a human stomach Ph is under 6.0 which make pancreatic enzymes unsuitable for digestion.

PLANT EXTRACTED: These enzymes are usually extracted from Pineapple and/or Papaya and because their enzymes were intended to be digested they function in the much wider pH of 2 to 12, which is within the range of every human being–sick or healthy. Unfortunately the extraction process usually involves chemical reactions, thus sacrificing a large amount of the enzymes’ potential activity. Also as soon as the plant has been harvested (at its ripest condition so the enzymes are at their most active state) the biodegradation cycle starts, where the plants enzymes begin breaking down the plant. Another reason why so much of the potential can be lost in standard plant-extracted enzymes.

PLANT CULTURED ENZYMES: Avena’s cultured enzymes will fire-up in a range of pH between 2 – 12, which is within the pH of any human, even with health challenges. These enzymes are grown on a plant source in an enzyme rich controlled environment much like a greenhouse, where they can be monitored for enzyme growth and potential while the plant grows. Once the enzymes reach their peak potential they are extracted using a patented technology leaving us with 99.99% Pure Enzymes, without losing any potential activity. The result, you have one of the most potent, highest-activity-level enzymes available today.

Q: Will Supplementing with Enzymes, Affect my Natural Enzyme Production?

A: Avena Originals Enzymes are cultured from plants, thus these exact enzymes were originally found in every fruit and vegetable we ever ate. It would not make sense that eating these natural enzymes from fruits & vegetables would in some way prevent our own bodies from producing metabolic enzymes. Recent information has shown that the liver requires amino acids to produce over 3000 metabolic enzymes! Without plant enzymes in our diet, we will have a very difficult time getting the amino acids required to produce our metabolic enzymes. So the answer is really opposite to the original question, by NOT supplementing with plant-based enzymes you are preventing digestion which prevents your body from being able to produce its necessary metabolic enzymes.

Q: How are Avena’s Proteolytic Probiotics  Different from other Probiotics?

See … FAQ on the site…

Dr Edward Howell was born in Chicago, Illinois on October 30, 1898. He held a limited medical license in the state of Illinois. One must pass the same board examination as a medical doctor for this license, but materia medica (a Latin medical term referring to the body of collected knowledge about the therapeutic properties of any substance used in healing), obstetrics and surgery are excluded. He obtained his license in 1924 and then joined the staff at Lindlahr Sanitarium in Elmhurst, Illinois. He remained there until 1930.
In 1930, he established a private practice for the treatment of advanced illness, which utilized nutritional and physical therapies. For forty years, until he retired in 1970, he spent three days a week treating his patients and the rest of his time he spent in various kinds of research.
In 1932, he started the National Enzyme Company so that he might expand his research on food enzyme nutrition and provide his enzyme supplements, Genuine N Zimes, to the public. As knowledge of the effectiveness of Genuine N Zimes spread, the demand by consumers and doctors alike increased. In the early 1980’s, the advancements in enzyme technology caused the development of a professional-strength enzyme supplement called NESS, short for Nutritional Enzyme Support System (NEC). The product line was launched in 1985 and the company Enzyme, Inc. was formed to be the exclusive distributor of NESS and other brands of enzyme supplements manufactured by NEC. In the year 2000, Enzymes, Inc was purchased by Lynn Greaves and her husband, Jim. She had joined Enzymes, Inc in 1985 and worked with Dr. Howell along with the owner of NEC. Enzymes, Inc now offers 125 different enzyme products and 6 different product lines.
Dr Howell was a pioneer in his field. He was the first researcher to recognize and to outline the importance of enzymes in food to the nutrition of human beings. He wrote The Status of Food Enzymes In Digestion and Metabolism in 1946. It took him more then 20 years to complete Enzyme Nutrition, which is a condensed version. The original work has about 700 pages and is approximately 160,000 words long and contains 695 references to the world’s scientific literature as well as 47 tables. It contains the reference and source materials for Dr Howell’s enzyme theories, which he called the Food Enzyme Concept. The book reviews the scientific literature through 1973.
Dr. Howell stated the following maxim: The length of life is inversely proportional to the rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential of an organism. The increased use of food enzymes promotes a decreased rate of exhaustion of the enzyme potential. Another rule can be expressed as follows: Whole foods give good health; enzyme-rich foods provide limitless energy.
Dr Edward Howell believed that cooking our food results in a shortened life span, illness and a lowered resistance to various types of stress. He pointed out that Homo sapiens and animals in general consuming a diet largely of cooked foods have enlarged pancreases, while the others glands and organs, the brain to a high degree, shrink in size.
At the age of 88, while living in Southwest Florida, he served as Research Director for the Food Enzyme Research Foundation while continuing his writing and research. His last residence was Fort Myers, Lee County, Florida where he died on March 30, 1988. His wife Evangeline was born March 27, 1904 and died in August of 1991.

Cancer Solutions…

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Chemotherapy Dose…

…a natural news cartoon from… by Mike Adams the ‘Health Ranger’

Chemotherapy is a barbaric medical procedure. It’s based on injecting highly toxic chemicals into patients and hoping the chemicals kill the cancer cells before they kill the patient. But even when it’s a “success,” it only destroys the patient’s immune system, leading to further development of cancer in the years ahead, all while utterly ignoring the root cause of the cancer in the first place.

I have no doubt that today’s conventional cancer treatments will someday be outlawed entirely and viewed as both barbaric and medically unjustified.

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There are safe and simple solutions to eliminating cancers, ALS, MS, lupus and any other illness. The philosophy of ‘Clean the Body – Feed the Body’ has brought success to all those that have accomplished this program.
The results are proof of death-bed cancer to ‘Cancer-Free’ in sixty days…
and ‘Victory over cancer and MS’.

Only the body can heal itself once supplied the proper tools, the nutrients.

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“There is no incurable illness only incurable people”.

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Kim H – Terrific endurance at age 63 as a river rafter.
Hagen V – at age 82 overcame his battle with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis).
Bill F – On verge of prostate surgery, learned how to heal himself and WIN!
Darren B – One of the top ranked Free Ride Mountain Bikers. Maintains his stamina and endurance.
Christina P – lung cancer while pregnant and later thyroid cancer and eliminated MS.
Laura B – A woman who eliminated severe eczema.

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