Cyber Monday Sales to Nov. 28th

Year end sale runs from Dec. 1 to Dec. 25th…

A valuable gift offer… see below.

How many want to prevent co-v*id viruses, flue, prevent aging and be in top health…

What is more important… Health or possessions…??? Protect yourself NOW…!!!

Avena Originals is excited to share some amazing opportunities for savings and


Sales End No. 28th 2020 – No exceptions or extensions can be offered. 

Year end sale runs from Dec. 1 to the 25th…

Go to: Need referal #10164 Louis Hoolaeff HrHcACS

More details at:

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*Does not apply to kits or packages that are already discounted., can not be combined with other coupons or offers that would cause the discount to exceed 20% See how all the EXCLUSIVE products can benefit you… webinar Here:

Join as a member for many advantages… share and EARN an INCOME for LIFE MEMBERS EARN 2X the number of Health Points over Cyber Monday sales.

* Membership is required to earn points per dollar spent, Points Expire after 6 month of inactivity. 

Health Points can be redeemed online for coupons for discounts or free shipping. Does not apply to orders not placed at


Experience how powerful a custom-designed protocol can be for your success. Simply by providing hair and fingernails clippings, we can electrically compare your current state of health to over 250,000 known health issues from:

  • Structural
  • Trauma
  • Allergies
  • Hormones
  • Chemicals
  • Stresses
  • Deficiencies
  • Infections

 Also, receive a custom-designed homeopathic solution designed directly from your results to help target and remove many electrical blockages. $39.95 Value Absolutely FREE

“BIO HACKING is the Key to unlocking one’s personal potential, Understand where your body is in need, and work with frequencies that a natural health product can not.” ~Kameron Tarry

COUPON CODE: BIOHACK2020 * Limit of one free kit per account/household. 
Members receive Free Shipping within Canada on orders over $250.00

*Order totals are before taxes and shipping costs.
Free Shipping is sent via ground service at the lowest cost. 

Maximize your savings with a Membership on Cyber Monday sale to Nov. 30th

50% off New Memberships in the month of November!

Cyber Monday Membership Benefits

*Free Shipping on orders over $250.00
*2X the amount of Health Points per dollar spent
*20% Referral Rewards in December
*up to 3% Volume Profits paid monthly

SPEND $250.00 – Receive a $25.00 Coupon
valid from Dec 1 – Dec 31, 2020

Purchase must be completed and paid for in the month of November to be eligible for the coupon. 

Coupons are inside your package with your products. 

Join as a member today…

Join as a member and receive Remedy a $42.00 value… New members only…

or we will pay your membership cost.

A Transdermal Skin Cream… Cream That Heals

Although Remedy is a relative new player among skin care products, it is proving to be one of the most extraordinary beneficial creams, suitable for all skin types! Transdermal meaning it penetrates through all layers of your skin, providing these powerful properties to every part for a more beautiful you from the inside out. 

100% Plant Based Ingredients

Supercharged with 100% plant based ingredients that are literally changing the face of thousands of people worldwide! Every ingredients is extracted or derived from plants, making this not only safer than most skin creams, but dramatically more powerful!

Only from

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