Does DISEASE Begin In The Colon?… & a Benefit to Weight Management…

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Does DISEASE Begin In The Colon?… plus a Benefit to Weight Management…

Lose that extra fat safely…

Are your health problems linked to an unhealthy colon? Does immunity really start in the colon? Good health can only be achieved when there is an understanding of what truly causes the many health problems plaguing us today. The digestive system is the first line of defense against illness, and yet the most often ignored—until there is a problem.

It contributes to good health, vitality, and longevity. It will also contribute strongly to poor health, low energy, and serious health problems if toxic wastes are allowed to accumulate, which then start a whole host of health problems.

Cancer of the colon and rectum (Colorectal Cancer) is the second most common form of cancer overall (exceeded only by lung cancer). Perhaps as many as one in every 10 of today’s Americans will die of this disease and today one in three will statistically acquire cancer which is preventable.

A diet high in protein, specifically animal protein, causes predominance in the intestine of proteolytic putrefactive bacteria which produce highly toxic compounds. The toxins cause or aggravate many disease states. Also white flour and white flour products are not healthy for the colon.. (Search for… ‘How Unhealthy is White Flour’)

Ignoring any warning signs is costly. Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s disease…

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