Webinar – What are you eating?! Prepare to be shocked…!!!

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What are you eating?! Pleasurable Poisons…

Do you really know what is in your food supply…???

Exposing the toxins in our food… and why are we poisoning our children…???

There is a powerful catalyst that is designed to be in every living food you eat, yet in the 21 century, it is almost complete missing! There are undeniable links between the absence of these catalysts and our degenerating health across all ages. Make sure to attend this webinar to learn all about them

Exploring food labels and the scary ingredients you know little about.

Are you frustrated by trying to be a smart shopper? Possibly you don’t understand what the majority of those words on the label are (some can be very confusing.)

The food industry would like to tell you they are natural ingredients, and some may well be, it’s the others that concern us? In this event, we will walk through questionable ingredients, what they are,

and what they are doing in your body.

Join us! On how to be truly healthy in…!!! So many of us want more energy, better health.

Learn how to achieve all of this the easy way. 

Topics covered –

Some exremely toxic chemicals in our food… and their symptoms and side effects…

  • TSP – trisodium phosphate
  • BHT
  • MSG – monosodium glutamate
  • castorium – a flavoring from the beaver gland near the anus… yuck!!!
  • aspartame
  • sugar
  • food dyes
  • GMO’s – genetically modified organizms
  • fluoride
  • propylene glycol
  • CMC – chemical from China
  • artificial rice
  • soda like coke and other sugar drinks
  • toothpaste toxicity
  • glyphosate – Roundup herbicide

Link: https://app.webinarjam.net/r/3/0/replay/37755/565abb19b6/0/138755775

or on youtube… https://youtu.be/ZhsOuDBN034

Title: Pleasurable Poisons
Description: Exposing the toxins in your food

Host: Kameron Tarry

Enjoy the replay!

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