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#4 Why We Age…

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         We can stay youthful way into our ‘Golden’ years! 

We Age Because We Run Out of ENZYMES…

  Does some of your colon look like this?

Does some of your colon look like this?


Herb Cocktail’  helps correct… A Toxic Colon

We age & get ill because we run out of Enzymes…We can always tell when a person is getting low or depleted of enzymes!

Some people say they can’t live without it. Some people don’t know what it is. Most cultures fasted on a regular basis. By taking liquids only, for one day out of each week they assisted their lymph systems to remove the wastes that accumulate in the tissues. They understood that the build-up of toxins caused all types of illnesses.

Today there is greater awareness for the physical, mental and emotional destruction caused by toxins.

Scientists from the World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute (NC) estimate that between 60% – 80% of all cancer is caused by chemicals in the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. All degenerative diseases have increased dramatically over the last eighty years. Heart disease, diabetes, cancer, cystic fibrosis, osteoporosis, arthritis, emphysema, multiple sclerosis, colitis, arteriosclerosis, muscular dystrophy, and now we have conditions that most of us never heard of until recently. Alzheimer’s, aids, hyperactivity, P.M.S., chronic fatigue syndrome. This dramatic increase in degenerative diseases is understandable because it parallels a dramatic increase in the toxins we are exposed to…automobile exhaust, insecticides, fungicides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, house-hold poisons (caulking with tolune, xylene, arcylates, air fresheners, antic-static dryer products, polishes), nuclear radiation (bomb testing, reactors). The very material the body needs for self-cleaning – water, oils and vegetables – have now become carriers of poisons instead of cleansers. Little wonder our systems are so over-burdened.

It isn’t a matter of curing disease – it’s a process of removing the toxins before they cause disease. Avena’s Electrically available body cleansing products are formulated to help the body rid itself of these destructive materials. Now more than ever, we must protect ourselves by cleansing our bodies.

A depletion of enzymes and probiotics, which is our immune system, creates illnesses as shown here plus all other know dis-eases.

ALL illness is caused by a nutritional deficiency and chemical pollution. Cooked food creates a nutritional deficiency.

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<<<We end up here if we do not take health into our own hands!
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#3 — Enzymes (#1) Nature’s Life Force

  ** Note… First time reader… Follow the ”Educational Health” articles in sequence starting with #1 at the bottom, than #2, #3… etc. Enzymes: Nature’s Life Force            (The most powerful enzymes    available.  Click on image to order) Enzymes are fundamental … Continue reading

Planning For Financial Independence the Heroic Way… Saving Lives!

“Increasingly, people are begging for relief from pharmaceutical wars against cancer, microbial life, and all of nature. There is no one better prepared to guide recovery from medical madness more than Affiliates and Ambassadors of Healthy World Organization.”

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz               Founder HWO, 20

“Pharmaceutical wars against cancer and mutating microbes must cease to accommodate true health care reform. We must move from slash, burn and poison disease controls, and risky genetic modifications, to natural healing celebrations. It’s time to green our ‘MediSins.”

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Planning For Financial Independence the Heroic Way… Saving Lives!

As more people become unemployed, and lose health insurance, more and more will turn to alternative and complementary methods and materials for sustaining and regaining health. This is why is among the fastest growing companies in the United States, leading an industry that is witnessing skyrocketing sales in self help products and services.

Annually, in America now, there are nearly 1 billion office visits to alternative health care providers. Approximately $50 billion is being paid “out-of-pocket” by American consumers for complementary therapies. The growth rate in this industry is well over 20 percent annually.

So as more people lose health insurance, and more people get poisoned, stressed, and sick, the vast majority will increasingly seek low-cost no-risk solutions to their economic and health problems.

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#2 — Secrets to Life-Long Healthy Living!

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Consider thismany of us already know that taking a painkiller for a headache will not cure the headache. It only deadens the nerves so that the pain is no longer felt, but the cause of the headache still remains. In the same way, taking Ritalin will not cure attention deficient disorder, cortisone will not cure arthritis, taking Metamucil cannot cure irritable bowel syndrome, nor will insulin cure diabetes. The same principle holds true for colds, flu, tummy aches, tooth decay, acid reflux, shingles, fibromyalgia, Candida, yeast overgrowth, prostate complications, glaucoma, vision impairment, thyroid dysfunction and the list goes on…

            When natural health practitioners treat symptoms rather than addressing the cause, they are really acting in the same way. The difference is that they use herbs, tinctures and homeopathic remedies instead of drugs. Treating symptoms with herbs or drugs may help bring temporary relief of symptoms (the body’s way of expressing itself), but what the body really needs is a more realistic, whole body approach.

The real secret is that we must improve the environment of our cells through tissue cleansing and high-quality nutrients, (the workers). Once we stop taking the herbs or supplements that are merely designed to treat symptoms, we might end up with even bigger health challenges! Certain herbs can be dangerous to our health and like drugs, can cause severe reactions and symptoms.

 Not all supplements are created equal. As shocking as this may sound, it is true… unless the supplements we consume are GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) compliant, we have no real way of knowing what is in the container. High quality supplementation is all about quality, honesty and integrity. People need to know that when it comes to delivery of nutrients, our body has the final say. This is why the most expensive supplements are those that do not work or even worse, those that do more harm than good to our body.

 DID YOU KNOW?Just as the steps of a set of stairs must be taken in a sequential order, our body requires certain nutrients and co-factors to be available in specific order before absorption and delivery can occur.

While everyone is popping vitamins, thinking they are rewarding their body with health, there is a powerful secret we are not aware of—that our body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, and to absorb a mineral, our body needs utilizable protein, but to absorb protein, our body requires ENZYMES!

Protect our body through the daily supplementation of enzymes, because no matter which way we look at it, enzymes are the very first and most important ingredient in nutrition!

 Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is the present. Today is our opportunity for a new beginning. Go for it! Discover a radiant new you—your body is ready and waiting!

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Did you know while everyone’s popping vitamins, thinking they’re rewarding their body with health, there is a powerful secret they are not aware of… and that is that our body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, and to absorb a mineral our body needs utilizable protein, but to absorb protein our body requires ENZYMES!

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#1 — Hello Health Seeker…

I have been seeking the best health principles that bring results. With many different concepts of attaining health, it is very confusing, especially for the average layperson, to find what actually brings these results in attaining and reclaiming health challenges that most people seem to be acquiring.

Several years ago, I became affiliated with a health company after I attended their ‘Educational Health’ presentation. This was the only health concept that ever made sense to me as I have reviewed many other health principles previously. Since that time, I have found that many talk about health but do not produce the required results in eliminating those health challenges.

 Extending Excellence in Health & Vitality!

First of all, I must state… that nothing… nothing ever cures anything. No herb, no food, no medicine nor any allopathic remedy. Only the body can heal itself once it is supplied the proper tools… the nutrients…that the body needs to heal itself!

There are some very simple and basic steps that must be taken to attain and achieve ideal health. Did you know that just as the steps of stairs must be taken in a sequential order, our body requires certain nutrients and co-factors to be available in specific order before absorption and delivery can occur.

While everyone is popping vitamins, thinking they are rewarding their body with health, there is a powerful secret they are not aware of — that our body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, and to absorb a mineral our body needs utilizable protein, but to absorb protein our body requires enzymes!

We must protect our body through the daily supplementation of enzymes, because no matter which way we look at it, enzymes are the very first and most important ingredient in nutrition!


The health company that I became affiliated with is ‘Avena Originals’ based out of Red Deer, Alberta with an office in Las Vegas, NV and two outlets in Mexico. ‘Avena Originals’ ships to many countries around the world. They also supply the most powerful and effective plant based enzymes, patented probiotics, and numerous other products that are ‘Electrically’ formulated… meaning that they are compatible with our ‘Electrical’ bodies.

 ‘Avena Originals’ also strives to educate! The original saying. “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” is what we are all about. At ‘Avena Originals’, we strive to educate our members in matters of natural health and wellness, helping our members to be passionate about a better quality of life, to do more, feel better live longer and be free of illness and dis-ease!

Enclose in this ‘Leading Edge’ blog are  proven health principles to achieve ideal health,  testimonials of those that have achieved and eliminated their health challenges and how you too can achieve these same proven results.

Recently I have been helping a lady that acquired cancerous tumors. When I first went to see her a few months ago, she was very lethargic, no energy, no smile and had no radiance to her. On the last  visit, she was happy with a beaming smile full of radiance. She told me that her doctor announced that her tumors were shrinking. Many, many more cases are in the testimonials section of the blog. What satisfaction it brings in helping those in regaining their health!

But it is also sad to see that many also do not believe. I have had numerous cases where our proven health principles have been rejected and many of those are not alive today. And it is much worse for the families that they have left behind. Those that did follow the program are today, living happy healthy lives.

Now if you truly desire to eliminate your health challenge, no matter what it is, we will guide you along the way. The first thing… is to have the desire to do so! The second… is to educate yourself because there are three things that are the cause illness… mal-nutrition, mal-electrical and mal-education!

Knowledge WHEN APPLIED is Power!

The third thing is to take action! We are here to help… Study the enclosed literature, join as a member to receive member discounts and get on the program.

Avena Originals products are sold through membership marketing. This method of marketing is the only effective way that members can educate others to the principles of ideal health. If the products were sitting on a store shelf, no one would know the benefits of the products…  or the company would have to spend enormous amounts on advertising in an attempt to educate the public. Through membership marketing, members could acquire cost savings on their products and by helping others, earn an income themselves. The other reason for membership marketing is to help those that have a small income… introduce a few members and the products could be acquired for free!

Help others attain ‘Ideal Health’ and be highly rewarded!

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Louis Hoolaeff HR ACS        250-220-1262

According to the words of Jesus…                                                                                “Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed;                                                                                                                                                     …and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seeds; to you it shall be for meat. I give every herb for meat…”

Health is NOT a Matter of CHANCE,

It’s a Matter of CHOICE!

Reclaim Your Health Today!