Revitalize Conference — September 28-29 2013

Revitalize Conference

Lou Corona -  4 Principles to Vibrant Health!

Lou Corona –
4 Principles to Vibrant Health!

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Lou undoubtedly defied the odds and was then guided to ‘The 4 Principles’ during a near-death experience. After getting this undeniable wake-up call he was mentored, from a very masterful individual, on how to implement these simple, yet profound, teachings into his life so that it made sense. After six months of personal coaching/mentoring, everything Lou had previously suffered from dissolved. He began to live a live more than just mere survival – he totally transformed his body!
By changing not only the food that he was eating but his compete perspective on life (becoming more positive and focused) he achieved what he desired –TRUE & LASTING HEALTH.
Lou will be at the Revitalize conference and later do a certification training.

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