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I have been a health researcher for many years.

With our health program we have practically 100% success with any health challenge.

Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Powerful Probiotics are the most important as nothing else works without them.

They must be in our system first.

Without enzymes, protein is not utilized. without protein, minerals are not absorbed and without minerals, vitamins do not function.

Enzymes and probiotics ARE our immune system. (More on the blog.)

Many health products in the marketplace are isolates and our body does not necessarily recognize isolated supplements.

It can treat them as a toxins, even though the isolates are utilized to a certain extent in an unhealthy body.

Our philosophy is… “Clean the Body and Feed the Body”.

Remove the accumulated toxins and feed the body with wholesome raw foods and supplement with whole food supplements.

What you will find on the blog….

  • How I had Victory over MS and cancer… a YouTube video
  • Ultra Powerful Enzymes & Proteolytic Probiotics…
  •  Enzymes are our LifeForce…
  • ‘OXYSILVER’ Saves Lives…
  • Testimonials of Some ‘Miraculous’ Transformations
  • Cancer is NOT a Disease – It is a Survival Mechanism…
  • From cancer & MS to Perfect Health…
  • Death-bed Cancer–>Cancer Free in 60 days…
  • World Renowned Health Educator…
  • A diagnosis is a call for action…
  • Victory over… multiple myeloma, enlarged prostate, anemia, high blood pressure, breast cancer, diabetes, energy enhanced, arthritis disappeared…
  • Secret government documents reveal vaccines to be a total hoax…
  • Friendly Flora – Amazingly Powerful Probiotic…
  • Vaccines – Are they safe???
  • Uprooting the Leading Cause of Death – a must watch video… Aug. 2012 -posting
  • Protein: What’s All the Hype About…
  • Why We Age… July 2012 posting
  • And much more coming frequently…

We can also prevent and eliminate practically ALL health challenges…

and stay youthful well into our GOLDEN years.

Our health company educates and is a supplier the MOST POWERFUL and PUREST

whole food supplements.

Avena Originals markets through word of mouth advertising.

This is the best way to educate the public and gives people an opportunity

 to help others attain perfect health..

This also assists those to receive their products for free and earn an income.

Help yourself and others attain ‘Ideal Health’ and be ‘HIGHLY REWARDED’ !

See website…   (Click on ‘Rebates’)

And our NEW product website…

When joining and ordering… use referral #10164

Join as a member ($10) and receive a colorful and educational 96 page catalogue &

newsletter ‘News & Views to a Healthier You’    250-220-1262

PS… There is a special program for health practitioners and health stores

          who want to carry our products. Request more information.

Disclaimer: Nothing cures anything… Only the body will heal itself

                   once it is supplied the proper tools, the proper nutrients,

                   to heal itself. “Clean the Body and Feed the Body”

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