The TRUTH about cancer… You are invited…

You Are Invited…

The TRUTH about cancer!

Do you know of someone with cancer? Perhaps even in your own family? Statistics state that one in three people suffer from cancer. Would you like to help someone suffering from the misery and pain of cancer and the cancer drugs? Yes, there is a way to prevent that suffering with natural healing methods. See some that eliminated cancer painlessly and with no suffering using proven methods that work… go to…
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You’ve been waiting for someone to tell the TRUTH about Cancer

You – or someone you love – has just been diagnosed with cancer.
Before your doctor tries to “Cut, Burn or Poison” or a loved one with Chemo, Radiation, and Surgery… you need to watch this FREE documentary series first.
You’re personally invited to watch this amazing 11-part, investigative mini-series that will broadcast to the world FOR FREE from October 13th to October 24th.

Many have had VICTORY over cancer and many other illnesses…Go to to find out how people eliminated their MOST challenging illnesses… eg. From death-bed cancer to cancer-free within 60 days! — Victory over cancer and MS… and more…
Episode 7:  Diagnostic “Do’s & Don’ts” – Proven Treatment Protocols Part 1
(Airs October 19th)
Episode 8:  Proven Treatment Protocols Part 2
(Airs October 20th)
Episode 9:  Proven Treatment Protocols Part 3
(Airs October 21st)
Episode 10: Doctor’s Orders
(Airs October 22nd)
Episode 11: How to Survive and Thrive
(Airs October 23rd)

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and

“I was interviewed for this series, discussing the connection between vaccines and cancer.

The Truth About Cancer: go here

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What Is Cancer?

Many have had VICTORY over cancer and many other illnesses…
Go to to find out more…

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What Is Cancer?

From the website…
Conventional medicine defines cancer as a colony of malignant cells, or a tumor. If you have a tumor, then the conventional oncologist will try to cut or slash it out via surgery. After they cut you, then they typically recommend chemo to try to kill any remaining cancer cells with toxic poisons. And they will finish off with radiation, to burn whatever cancer cells remain.
This is why I, and many others, refer to “the Big 3” protocol as “Slash, Poison, and Burn.” Alternative medicine sees cancer as a multidimensional, systemic total body disease. The cancer tumor is merely a symptom and the purpose of the alternative cancer treatment is to correct the root causes of cancer in the whole body.
The fact is we develop cancer cells throughout our bodies throughout our lives.  Our bodies are normally able to find them, identify them and destroy them before they are able to grow uncontrollably.  It is a normal occurrence, which is constantly taking place in a healthy body.  It is only when the healthy body becomes unable to mount its normal defenses and the cancer cells are allowed to reproduce at an uncontrollable rate that cancer becomes life threatening.

This is a failure or breakdown of our normal immune system. The immune systems breakdown, and its cause, needs to be treated in conjunction with the cancer, in order to assure the best possible outcome for the patient.  Any treatment that does not address underlying causes for the breakdown of the immune system will be palliative at best, and life threatening at their worst.
It’s important to remember the basic physiology of all cancer cells. Whether it be breast, prostate, renal or lung, there are many facets of their physiology that will remain constant.  Glucose is taken in as a primary food; lactic acid is excreted from the cancer cells into the blood.  The blood carries the lactic acid to the liver, where it is converted back into glucose to feed the cancer cells.  This occurs in all known cancer cells.  It has been well documented in many studies, that, many years ago serum glucose levels were used to monitor the progress of the disease.  It was well established that as the disease progressed, serum glucose levels would rise.
Knowing this, the wisdom of removing simple carbohydrates and sugars from the diet becomes obvious.  The ignorant use of glucose I.V.’s in cancer patients also becomes painfully obvious.   The object is to make it difficult for cancer cells to reproduce.  Why fuel them with a primary requirement?  They are unable to efficiently use protein or complex carbohydrates for food.  The healthy cells of our body and immune system are able to use these as fuel and for repair.  Adapt the patient to a diet that includes protein and complex carbohydrates and eliminate the rest.  This is a simple change that can make a huge difference in the final outcome of the disease process.   It’s also important to remember that a large number of cancer cell types have receptor sites for opiates.  In other words, opiates used to fight pain will actually increase the cancer cell’s growth rate.
The quick shrinkage of tumors that is sometimes seen in chemotherapy or radiation therapy is not a sign of recovery from cancer.  It is a complete shutting down of the normal immune response.  This is as indisputable fact, yet the pharmaceutical companies are allowed to use it to get their chemotherapy approved.  Under optimal conditions, tumors will enlarge as they become engorged with CD-cells and macrophages.  These cells identify the cancer cells, kill them and then devour their remains.  This is an inflammatory response and results in the tumor growing slightly as it becomes engorged with these cells.  If the tumor shrinks quickly from chemotherapy or radiation therapy, the ideal healthy response of the body to controlling cancer does not have a chance to occur.

Never confuse rapid tumor shrinkage with beating the cancer.        It is just the opposite.
CT scans and PET scan show inflammatory responses, not just cancer.  Since the normal and healthy body response are CD-cells infiltration and consuming of cancer cells is also an inflammatory response, they are often confused by radiologists untrained in cancer fighting agents that work with the immune system to facilitate both increases in CD-cells and at the same time being cytotoxic (selectively killing cancer cells). Why is my Doctor against Alternative Cancer Treatments?
Your doctor is against these treatments because from the first day of medical school, doctors are brainwashed into believing that disease can only be treated with drugs. You can rest assured that your doctor has likely been convinced that the only viable treatments for cancer are chemo, surgery, and radiation.  Your doctor has also been lead to believe that there are no cures for cancer, when in reality there are. Most doctors have a tendency to believe that not only what they were taught in medical school must be true, but they also believe that what they were not taught must not be important!  As a result, most doctors are still thinking “inside the box” when it comes to cancer. Doctors who think “outside the box” and treat the actual cause of disease rather than the symptoms are labeled as “quacks.”

There is no actual treatment but the body will heal itself once supplied the proper tools, the nutrients.
We have many that eliminated all types of cancers, MS, ALS, lupus, diabetes, arthritis, and many other illnesses.
eg. death-bed cancer, 8 days to live… 60 days later pronounced cancer-free.

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