Avena Originals Radio podcast…

phone callAvena Originals Radio podcast… Tue. 6:30 MST – 5:30 PST
And every second Tuesday

Avena is NOW Streaming Live…!!!
Kameron Tarry, Executive Director
Host of the AvenaOriginals Podcast

Kameron will walk us through understanding how
our products work, nutrition, how we become toxic
or deficient and bring our knowledge on health and
wellness to a whole new level.

He will will help us understand the concept from
start to finish. UNDERSTANDING — IS the KEY!

Tuesday, January 12th and every second Tuesday of the month.
Kameron Tarry, Executive Director, will be tackling all of these
questions tonight on our live podcast call.
1-888-572-3341- Toll Free
@ 6:30 pm Mountain Time
5:30 pm PSTAvena -- artworks-000089988189-hf3e06-t500x500

Kameron Tarry presentations…
Info… visit…
Follow our Educational Health blog...

Powerful product and education site…

Laughter is the BEST medicine…!!!
And laugh your way to the bank too…???
I’m happy, wealthy and healthy… thanks to…


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