RIO GOLD medalist… wins GOLD as he is empowered with…

Rio - Dirian VanRIO GOLD medalist… Dorian van Rijsselberghe                           wins GOLD Rio Dorian Gold

as he is empowered with Avena Originals products!


At Rio 2016 Olympics… his medal race August 14 at 10:00am MST

Dorian sought out Avena Originals as he was set on using

Avena Originals products to power his dreams of another medal in Rio 2016.

Whole Food supplements with no isolates and nothing added.

Pure Products of NATURE that bring RESULTS…!!!

Dorian’s Gold Medal PackageRio - Dirian

Dorian trained in 2016 for the Rio 2016 games on Avena Originals products. Through his hard work and skills and top quality nutritional supplements he was able to win the GOLD medal in RS:X windsurfing. If you want to use the same program he used to achieve this physical accomplishment check out this program.

Package contains the following products:

  • RP3 (900g)- Natural Raw Plant Proteins
  • P.I.N. Magnesium (16 fl oz)- Muscle recovery
  • Ionic Zinc (30ml)- Strength and muscle building
  • Proteolytic Probiotics (120 Caps) – Keeping his digestion in top shape
  • E-Fusion (20oz) – Powerful Vitamin E for muscle recovery
  • Minerals (60 Caps) – Strength, speed, and endurance
  • Superfood (240 Caps) – Alkalizing his body
We are proud to be the official Natural Health Product of choice for Dorian in 2016

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Protein — Considered The Key Macro Nutrient

Nutritional Science provides a vast amount of research and educational materials on proteins, and have all agreed that it is vital to our survival and health! For ages we have relied on cooked or denatured products and supplements for our protein needs. Often they are predominantly comprised of soy, whey, creatine or hydrolysed collagen which is made from animal hides.

Deficiency is widely accepted as the second leading cause of all disease. Next to toxicity (the accumulation of too many toxins), virtually every disease can be directly or indirectly traced back to a lack of essential nutrients. Our body needs enzymes, amino acids/proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, which is why these elements are called “essential nutrients”! Give our body Highest-Quality food and natural health products! We are what you eat—we are made of the quality of the foods we choose!

The amount of quality protein in our diet is the single most important calorie that influences our metabolic rate, favorably influencing fat loss and lean body mass. Quality protein also helps us sustain muscle during weight loss, improve muscle fitness, improve immunity, improve antioxidant function, build HDL cholesterol, and enhance insulin and leptin function – all of which contribute towards optimal fitness levels over time.

For the most utilizable protein, we are starting to recognize that the source matters. Today we are seeing movement towards a cleaner, easier to digest, RAW and Whole Food sources of protein. So we are not just getting the protein but all the other nutrients as well!

Why Raw Proteins? Today we have a far better understanding about the effects of heat on proteins. It is a fact that even mild heat can bind Lysine which is a controlling amino acid; without unbinded

Lysine we will dramatically limit the use of many essential amino acids in the food we eat. If we do not have these essential nutrients present at the same time, our body will have difficulty creating new proteins. Proteins that could be used to create stronger muscles, reconnecting tissues, rebuilding hormones, enzymes and so many other substances.

These proteins that are not used, because they were heated, have a very high chance of putrefying and turning into some of the most dangerous toxins inside the intestinal tract. Which in turn contributes to the acidifying of our bodies, causing slower intestinal transit and decreased absorption. Which in turn causes digestive illnesses such as crohns disease and colon cancer.

  • Famine in America—Food Storage the deadly errors

  • Bowel Toxemia the inescapable phenomenon

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Louis Hoolaeff HC HR ACS 

Protein — the World’s Best Enhanced Nutrition

Protein — the World’s Best Enhanced Nutrition

RP3 and E-Fusion is the future of truly healthy protein productsAvena - rp3_2

Athletic performance

Building muscles

Faster recovery from injuries

Improving liver function

Regenerating tissues and glands

Improving immune functions

Avena - e-fusion

Learn more here:


Anti Inflammatory conditions

Greater hormone production

Better hair, skin and nails

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Testimonials  –

As a personal trainer I am always

looking for healthier options for my

clients. I have made the switch myself to

100% Raw Protein sources and blown

away by my health and fitness results! I

am now encouraging all my clients to use

a Raw Vegan protein supplement.

~ Josh Gaynor Cor620 Crossfit Trainer

Darren Bearcloth A.K.A. The BearClaw

World Champion Slope Style Biker

A vegan protein that has the same omega

complex as eggs, whey or beef! Have you ever

heard of something this healthy? Not to mention that

this protein is super absorbable and has a bunch of

other vital ingredients in it, like enzymes probiotics &

Goji Berries.

This is hands down the best protein on the market.

Nothing touches it and I am amazed at how many people don’t understand that its the

most important thing they put in their body. Its my favorite product Avena Originals makes,

I can’t get enough of it.Get it in ya folks. ~ Darren Berrecloth

As the owner and personal trainer of a Crossfit gym I have

used many different supplements in a variety of ways. I put

the RP3 to a real test; 3 weeks using it in performance levels

which is about 3-4X per day. Within 2 weeks I started surpassing

some of my personal records I had held for years. Within a

month I had almost doubled some of my personal bests and

had broken almost every record I had! I felt great, I had more

energy, my muscles were not fatiguing like before and I was

recovering faster than I had ever thought possible!

Avena Originals Presents RP3

A breakthrough in Raw Plant Based Proteins

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