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Avena - rp3_2Raw Protein…Avena - E-Fusion - Vit. E complex

Truths About Protein
What we are taught about protein has been proven highly inaccurate.

– Did you know that your body cares very little about proteins? What it is after is the Amino Acids that make up proteins.

– Meat is not the best source of amino acids.

– Something most of us are doing every day is wrecking 42% of the amino acids without even knowing it.

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Learn all about protein… Here are a few facts…

Protein is he MOST IMPORTANT nutrient for our body to rebuild itself…

Why most protein is doing more harm than goo…

Nutrition in Food Storage – The deadly errors…

Body builders are some of the sickest people I know” a body builder statement…

Watch this important video…

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PARASITESparasites 1
The subject everyone hates, but can’t ignore.

In 2004 I ended up with an extreme parasite infection that crippled me. I could not walk and had to crawl due to intense pain in my feet, ankles, and eventually knees. I believe parasites are responsible for far more than our current medical system wants us to think.

Join me as I will share my own testimony and help us understand parasites in the modern-day.

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Avena Originals probiotics

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Are we protectedLearn how to protect ourselves from viruses

Why “needless” deaths from this threatening virus?

Because doctors, health authorities, hospital administrators and politicians have not read history.

See what experts say on how to protect ourselves… see more below…

What we need to know to build-up the immune system to protect ourselves.

Plus with Brain Tap… backed by neuro science and research, Brain Tap is proven to help people who experience high stress, difficulty sleeping, low energy, and other lifestyle challenges.

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Most people have a compromised immune system. What we should use to protect ourselves and to have a strong immunity against viruses & bacteria.

A plant based diet is important to keep us in ‘Ideal’ Health…

Medievel ThymesEssential oils spray… Purifies the air and infuses a restorative life force into our breath. Room deodorizer – surface cleaner – mold repellent – hand sanitizer – immune enhancer – ideal for colds & flu – infuse clothes in dryer. Use: in bath, on feet, chest, nose, wrists, immunity points, in infuser. – anti-viral – anti-infectious – anti-bacterial – ant-fungal – anti-septic. Strengthens the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems.

As the urban legend goes, there was a secret recipe created by four thieves that were notoriously robbing the ill and deceased, during the era of the plague, to help them avoid contracting the disease. When they were finally caught and charged, a deep inquiry took place as to why they never contacted the highly infectious disease. The thieves were offered a reduced punishment in exchange for their famous secret. Accepting the deal, they shared their secret knowledge of certain herbs, oils and spices, when mixed together made a highly effective concoction that would kill off all airborne bacteria. Therefore, Medieval Thymes…

Electric ‘C’… a full spectrum vitamin ‘C’. Will supercharge immunity…

Enzymeshave shown to increase the immune system by 1300%.

Ionic Zinc,.. provides a robust immune system.

Proteolytic Probiotics… anti-viral, anti-bacterial and immune boosting…

Natural Immunity video…

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avena - probiotics webinar

Probiotics hold the keys to our future – This is a forthcoming webinar…This webinar was not recorded and will be presented at a later date… Stay tuned…

This webinar might just show us how to help protect us from COVID-19…

We are just starting to uncover the power behind our microbiomes, research is showing they often dictate if we will be underweight or overweight, prone to diabetes or not, and so much more!

With so much ahead of us, it is an exciting time to be at the forefront of the greatest probiotic blends on the market. Join me to learn why Avena’s proteolytic blend will exceed our expectations and why it is a must-have for our family!

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Previous webinars…

Colon health - pooYour Gut – Your health… Questioning the Direction of Modern Health care…

Root Cause of All Disease 

Avena webinar - April 21

What do you know about Enzymes?

So many people understand enzymes as a digestive aid, and although that is true, there is so much more to them. It is possible that enzymes hold the key to unlocking natural healing, unlike anything we have ever witnessed before. 

According to Dr Edward Howell, author of Enzymes Nutrition, Enzymes are the limiting factor on why people do not heal, and their deficiency is directly tied to hundreds of diseases. 

Explore these topics and more with Kameron.

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