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Prevent prostate cancer and any other cancer before they occur… Same for any other dis-ease!

Did you know that every single male will have to deal with a prostate problem. Unless… they take action to prevent these occurences.

This goes the same for females to prevent and help eliminate breast cancer and all other cancers and illnesses.

Enzymes have to be in the body first before protein can be (The most powerful enzymes available. Click on image to order.)utilized…  then protein (amino acids) has to be available before minerals can be used by the body and only then can vitamins be absorbed. It has to be in this order. The protein has to be in a RAW state. (See why below.)

Very little emphasis is placed on enzymes but they are the MOST important!

    Feed the Body >>>> Tocotrienol Complex

A Wholesome, Balanced, Complete, Food-Based, Raw… Protein & Vitamin/Mineral Complex…

An excellent alternative to whey and soy products!

(Soy and whey may be unusable by the body.)

Athletes and Weight Trainers have reported a 600% increase in performance!

            Are you concerned about properly balanced nutrition? Then look no further! Unleash your body’s natural healing abilities with our whole-food Tocotrienol Complex. Much more than a “protein powder”, Toco® is a whole-food, amino acid complex formulated for the promotion of energy, health and longevity.
Toco® is so vastly superior, containing a complete package of the essential nutrients, providing the ‘building blocks’ that make up protein—to help build muscle, repair cells, strengthen tissues, and maintain overall structural integrity. It’s a powerful and 100% raw whole-food! Your body will love it!!!
Avena’s Electrically Formulated Toco®  is a culmination of fresh juice concentrates, whole foods, naturally occurring vitamins, plant minerals, probiotics and enzymes from whole foods. A food-based vitamin/mineral complex consisting of Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, 22 essential and non-essential natural occurring amino acids and the O2 Factor™. (Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) in a botanical rice bran powder base. The O2 Factor™. is specially formulated as an enzyme precursor with anti-oxidant enzymes. The phyto-nutrients and Tocotrienols are derived from whole food concentrate. There are no refined sugars, fillers nor added substances..


A powerful hypoallergenic, cholesterol-lowering, anti-diabetic whole food supplement: containing Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, O2 Factor Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10), Lactobacillus Plantarum OM with 22 natural occurring Amino Acids and Phytonutrients from whole foods of tomato, barley, broccoli, alfalfa, cherry, pineapple, orange, beet, spinach, parsley and carrots. No sugars or other added substances.

By combining the d-gama tocopherols d-alpha (vitamin E), d-beta, d-delta with the corresponding tocotrienols, the Lactobacillus Plantarum OM (patented) and additional whole food concentrates, this formulation provides a strong antioxidant function for the body. Coupled with the natural occurring amino acids, it provides a dense, nutrient-rich source of vitamins and minerals that help to support body organ functions. When used on a regular basis, it helps to provide an increased level of protection against free radical damage.

What Are These “Tocos”?

The chemical structures of Tocopherols have two primary parts, a complex ring feature and a long saturated side chain. Tocopherols (known to be several thousand times stronger than the single antioxidant Vitamin E) are extremely valuable as lipid-soluble antioxidants that help to protect our body from free radical damage. Tocopherols are normally found in corn and virgin olive oils. There have been many studies that show as little as 100 IU daily of Vitamin E can greatly assist in helping to prevent heart disease and also other forms of debilitating illnesses. The related series of compounds, Tocopherols, differ in structure by having three double bonds on the side chain rather than being saturated. These Tocopherols are rich in the oils of palm, rice bran, and barley. Vitamin E is a term that is used to refer to eight naturally occurring, essential, fat-soluble nutrients—all known as Tocopherols and Tocotrienols.

Recent research has shown that Toctrienols exert powerful anti-oxidant, anti-cancer action and a major area of success with the use of  Tocotrienols is in lowering elevated cholesterol levels—without the side effects. Pharmaceutical drugs, on the other hand, often exhibit negative side effects. With the liver being the primary organ involved in the manufacturing of cholesterol and its’ distribution in the body—most drugs tend to compromise its function in some manner.

By using more natural products that have been recognized to lower cholesterol levels (such as niacin, folic acid, fibre and chromium) along with Tocotrienols, we now have a more potent and non-toxic approach to this problem. When given daily levels in the 200mg range of gamma Tocotrienol, some individuals with elevated cholesterol levels noticed a significant reduction of approximately 30% in serum cholesterol in as little as one month! Cholesterol plays a vitally important part in our body as a precursor for the manufacture of all hormone production. Our body requires only a sufficient quantity however, as higher levels can be dangerous.

Tocotrienols appear to be much more effective in helping to lower the LDL levels (the so-called “bad” cholesterol), besides the overall-serum cholesterol. It is believed that a major reason for this is because of the suppression of the enzyme called HMG-CoA Reductase, responsible for cholesterol synthesis. By reducing this enzyme, there is a corresponding decrease in cholesterol output.

With their high-antioxidant function, it was found that Tocotrienols also help reduce atherosclerosis. This shows that supplementing with Tocotrienols helps to maintain a healthier vascular network. An additional benefit has also been noted, that of a reduction of arterial damage from free radicals.

Another important anti-oxidant function of Tocotrienols is to help prevent cellular damage that might lead to cancer. Due to the molecular structure of Tocotrienols, they are able to easily penetrate the tissues that contain the saturated fatty layers found in the brain and liver. This can help to lower DNA damage, decrease tumor growth and minimize cellular destruction. In animal studies, it was found that those who were on a supplement of Tocotrienols and induced with liver cancer, showed a remarkable resistance to the cancer. Similar studies looking at the effects on mammary cancer provided almost identical results. In fact, animals fed a Tocotrienol-rich palm oil diet did not grow chemically-induced mammary cancers. The ability to decrease clumping of the blood, along with exhibiting strong anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer activity is an excellent nutritional approach to health.

Many disease conditions can be directly related to protein (amino acid) deficiencies. The average source of protein are the most difficult items to digest, yet are the most important nutritional factors to consider. Proteins are the fuel that our liver uses to produce over 3000 metabolic enzymes, hormones and glucose and to stimulate our endocrine system.

The controlling amino acid, Lysine, is of high quality in Toco®, thus keeping the other essential amino acids available at their high-quality level. Studies show that Toco® helps decrease thromboxane levels by 20 – 26% and decrease platelet aggregation (clumping of blood).

Toco is a potent lipid-soluble source of the full complex of essential fatty acids for proper organ function and helps revitalize skin, hair and cellular efficiency. Supplementing the daily diet with Avena’s Tocotrienol Complex will help build stronger livers, help reduce cholesterol, help increase the antioxidant levels and combined with Avena’s Minerals, Toco®  helps with balancing hormones.

A wholesome food, Toco®  may be used as a supplement or increase the amount to use as a meal replacement. Do not heat the Toco as even mild heat will bind the lysine and if it is bound, little value will be received from any of the other amino acids. Heat damages the amino acid, lysine making the other amino acids unusable. An excellent alternative to whey and soy products!

References: Servinova, EA: ‘Free Biology and Medicine’< /91 and ‘Oxide Damage Repair’, 1991

Komiyama, K; ‘Studies on the Biological Activity of Tocotrienols’  Perace. BC; “Activity of Nsynthetic and natural Tocotrienols” 1992


     What is coenzyme Q10?

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) is a substance similar to a vitamin. It is found in every cell of the body. Your body makes CoQ10, and your cells use it to produce energy your body needs for cell growth and maintenance. It also functions as an antioxidant, which protects the body from damage caused by harmful molecules. CoQ10 is naturally present in small amounts in a wide variety of foods. Coenzymes help enzymes work to digest food and perform other body processes, and they help protect the heart and skeletal muscles.

     What is CoQ10 used for?

Many claims are made about CoQ10. It is said to help heart failure, as well as cancer, muscular dystrophy, and periodontal disease. It is also said to boost energy and speed recovery from exercise. Some people take it to help reduce the effects that certain medicines can have on the heart, muscles, and other organs.


In 1961, scientists saw that people with cancer had little CoQ10 in their blood. They found low CoQ10 blood levels in people with myeloma, lymphoma, and cancers of the breast, lung, prostate, pancreas, colon, kidney, and head and neck. Some research has suggested that CoQ10 helps the immune system and may be useful as a secondary treatment for cancer.

Three studies examined the use of CoQ10 along with conventional treatment for cancer. The three studies contained a total of 41 women with breast cancer. In each study, the women improved.                                                              ************************************************************

 Tocotrienol Complex  (A patent pending product)  —                                       RawProtein and more…

For Health, Meal Replacement, Body Building or Physical Conditioning

A powerful cholesterol-lowering, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer action whole food supplement. Wholesome, Balanced, Complete food-based vitamin/mineral complex,  consisting of,  Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, O2 Factor™. Also contains 22 essential and non-essential amino acids. No refined sugars or fillers. A complete, raw, whole food supplement.

When used on a regular basis, it helps to provide an increased level of protection against free radical damage.

Coupled with amino acids, it provides a dense, nutrient-rich, source of vitamins and minerals that help support body organ function.

Athletes and Weight Trainers have reported a 600% increase in performance!

Request our full-color, informative, educational catalogue and an ‘Educational Health’ package..

Available from…   Leading Edge Health – 250-220-1262



Health Is Not a Matter of Chance… It’s Just a Matter of Choice

Solutions to All Health Challenges


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