Educational Health Presentations


Educational Health Presentations are held on a regular basis throughout western Canada. If any one would like an Educational Health presentation held in your area, just guarantee a minimum of 20 attendees and a presenter will be available at no charge for you.

This Months Health Topic… 

“October is cancer month and your donation is needed for cancer research!!!”

But… but… there already is a cure for cancer and all other illnesses.

Oh, of course… money and big business or am I wrong…???

Did you know that our body will heal itself once we cleanse the toxins and

feed our body with the proper nutrients to assist in eliminating all illness.

There have been many, many such cases of regaining health… from

death-bed cancer to being cancer-free within 60 days…

(This is just one of many cases.)

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This is the reason we are inviting you to our informative and

educational presentation…

— To learn the prevention, cause and elimination of any illness.

— One of the real reasons why young children (as young as three years)

are getting cancers, ADHD, autism and many other illnesses.

— Seasonal flu vaccines, are they safe or necessary?

— Biblical Reasons not to Vaccinate

— The Revitalize conference highlights…

— And much more

Did you know…

*Enzymes do more than just aid digestion.

*Enzymes play a vital role in many metabolic processes,

including the production of white blood cells.

*Enzymes have been shown to increase cell counts by 1200 percent.

Wow–talk about powerful!!!

Our blood is what transports all the healthy nutrients within our body.

It is also where many pathogens are present and how they travel

throughout the body.

Keeping our blood healthy and full of strong white blood cells

is the best prevention.

Learn all about enzymes at the presentations.                                                   

Did youknow…
That the majority of people are now getting blood disorders, cancer, diabetes,

heart problems, fibromyalgia and hundreds of other dis-ease symptoms. 

… Learn how to prevent and even eliminate this dilema and

help your loved ones.

… Those that follow the powerful program achieve proven success!

*** Receive a comprehensive report on important tips in preventing and eliminating cancer and all other illnesses.

Secrets to Life-Long Healthy Living
  …..Attend an Educational Health Presentation…

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Learn the CAUSE of ALL illness and

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Educational Health Presentations… 

In Victoria
Mon.  Sept. 24th-
7:00 PM
Inn at Admirals & Craigflower

Request details for these locations… 250-220-1262

In Parksville…   Wed. Sept.26th 

  All other locations below… See website for calendar and details

or call us at: 250-220-1262.  

    Surrey  Oliver …… KelownaOct. 2

    Vernon… Golden…  Banff Winnipeg

Medicine Hat Calgary… EdmontonOct. 11… Quesnel…  

    Prince George…  GabriolaIsland Vancouver… 

 Many other areas of Canada,,, call for details or view website.

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2 responses to “Educational Health Presentations

  1. cheryl mckenzie

    I disagree with marketing nutrition/vitamin supplements by fear-mongering. RE: article in ISSUES for empowerment magazine. The author of the article ARE VACCINES SAFE? tells parents their children are in “grave danger”, and indirectly blames childhood vaccinations for autism, ADHD, asthma, diabetes, depression, and obesity, and everything else that could be wrong with children these days.
    She goes on to say she has five children, and they didn’t have vaccinations, and they are so far all healthy. Well, that is because the spread of childhood disease has been mostly eradicated in the developed countries – because of immunization programs, not because of supplements from the health food store..
    My husbands brother died of scarlet fever that turned into rhuematic fever. In the old days, when people were asked how many children they had, they sometimes answered something like this: “eight children, seven alive.”
    I can’t believe the author is advocating to go back to those days. Have you ever seen what an iron lung looks like? Would we want to go back to the days of crippled kids with polio, hospitals filled with tuberculosis and whooping cough patients?
    I especially get pissed off when people market their wares with a heading that sounds all official. People without critical thinking skills would read the article and think it was the gospel truth.
    When you get to the bottom of the article it says if you contact this #, you will get a free gift. Wow. I wonder if the author has done any research on the history of childhood disease in Canada and the US – I doubt it. I am 50 years old and i never buy supplements or probiotics and i am perfectly healthy, i also eat food from the store “off the shelf”!
    c mckenzie, spruce grove, alberta

    • Cheryl… You should count your blessings that you are STILL healthy. There are so many that are unhealthy and so many young people dying of cancer and other illnesses, even children in there infancy.
      Vaccines… just check out many other sites that show researched results that vaccines could be extremely dangerous and could cause death. not only autism, especially for developing infants. eg. http://www.Natural for one.
      We attempt to bring education to the masses so they can not only think for themselves but take health into their own hands.
      Too many just follow the dictates of others.
      And yes… we do attempt to promote the MOST EFFECTIVE WHOLE FOOD SUPPLEMENTS THAT DO BRING RESULTS!
      Just follow our blog to see those PROVEN RESULTS!

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