“ARE VACCINES SAFE?”                                                                                                        

Helping Parents Make Informed Vaccine Decisions

            Excerpts from the website…   Mary Tocco is a public speaker and an independent vaccine investigator for 32 years. She spoke at the ‘Revitalize’ conference this past September.

Did You Know…?? Vaccines may contain: aluminum, peanut oil, lead, anti-freeze, MSG, mercury, acetone, glycerine, formaldehyde, yeast, alum, aborted human fetal cells, animal DNA, polysorbate 80, cancer viruses and more…

If you took an apple and injected it with aluminum, Phenol, acetone, thimerosol, and billions of bacteria… WOULD YOU EAT IT? If the answer is NO… how can you justify INJECTING it into the muscle, which gets into the blood and circulates around the body… exposing all major organs and tissues to everything in the vaccine? Common sense tells us this is NOT SAFE! Ask your doctor that question if you get challenged…                     

(Specific vaccines/ingredient list…                                                                                                              

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? This is now the most controversial health care question facing parents today. Is it possible that vaccines cause autism? The autism statistics don’t lie. No matter how you crunch the numbers, autism has increased faster than any other health problem ever facing children in our history. The increase of autism went from 1 in 10,000 children 25 years ago to 1 in 110 children and specifically 1 in 68 boys. There are many environmental factors also involved such as pollution in our air, water and food, chemicals and plastics and the huge consumption of pharmaceutical drugs, but consider these basic facts. Autism is affecting children no matter where they live or how they live. It affects the wealthy families and the poor, the children living with smog in major cities and children in the rural country. Matters not if a child is raised with a really good diet or children who eat processed junk foods, autism has no prejudice.
The one thing most of these children have in common is they all start vaccines within the first months of life and if a child is fully vaccinated they will get 38 vaccines by the age of 2. Most autism is diagnosed by the age of 18 months when development slows or stops as observed by parents. The true test would be to study the un-vaccinated and compare them with the vaccinated population. This is the one study that would really show how vaccines are affecting a whole generation of children. Until this independent study is done, can we ever be sure that vaccines don’t cause autism? “After 30 years of vaccine research, I believe that the #1 cause of autism is the vaccines. Until we are willing as a society to stop and get some answers, I believe the epidemic will continue to grow. A responsible society must be willing to stop anything that could possibly contribute to this crisis”

Biblical Reasons Not to Vaccinate… There are numerous biblical reasons why we must not vaccinate our children. The Bible teaches us that children are a gift from God. Some vaccines are produced using aborted baby lung tissue… that the parents are entrusted with the care and welfare of the child. Parents, not the state, are responsible to make health care decisions on behalf of their children… that when man’s law contradicts God’s law, His people must obey God over man… (This is just a few biblical points… more are listed on the website…

Vaccine risk may be a difficult thing to precisely assess, but undeniably each vaccine includes a significant risk worth considering – and investigating. The citations point to an increasingly grave scenario as we witness an escalation of chronic disease. Even vaccine manufacturers admit that vaccines cannot be made safe, by their very nature.

For more shocking information…  (Request full written copies on the vaccine topic.)

To prevent and eliminate flu, colds and illnesses, we must maintain a powerful immune system so as not to attract  those things that our body does not require. Cleanse our body of accumulated toxins and nourish our body with wholesome live foods that was given to us for our nourishment. Since most off-the-shelf food is devitalized we should supplement with whole live foods. Enzymes, electrolytes, powerful probiotics and wholesome raw foods are the requirement for good health.

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