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Probiotics — What the Gut?

Disclaimer: Nothing cures anything… Only the body can heal itself. Cleanse the body and supply the body the tools it needs (the proper nutrients) and the body will heal itself…

Why So Many Getting Sick (and how to avoid being one of them!)

We consume to much fat, carbohydrates and protein but lack the micro nutrients (and plant enzymes) our body requires to detoxify and clean itself.

Frequent eating shortens our lifespan.

Body builders and athletes live a much shorter life.

“In order to push the maximum envelope of human nutrition, we have to eat a diet of moderate caloric restriction in the environment of micro nutrient excellence.”

We need to cleanse the body of the toxic waste that the body cannot handle. This wast is then stored in the body creating cancer and other illnesses. (Visit for more info.)

Dr. Joel Fuhrman did not mention plant enzymes.  Plant enzymes are extremely important to life. We age and get sick because we run out of enzymes.

Enzymes are in all plants. Enzymes are destroyed by the heat of cooking, irradiation of foods, poor soil quality.

What Do Enzymes Do…??? ­ENZYMES Are Our LIFE FORCE…

The only solution to our present health crisis is food enzymes. The study of food enzymes in nutrition and human health has been a ‘sore eye’ to both scientists and nutritionists alike. Much study was done in the early years but for some reason was not brought to light. Only now we see some glimpses of the need of food enzymes for maintaining and regaining our health.

We will attempt to bring out the importance of enzymes as enzymes are the life force of our body. Without the life energy of enzymes we would be nothing more than a pile of lifeless chemical substances — protein, minerals, vitamins and water. In maintaining health, enzymes and only enzymes do the actual work. They are what we call in metabolism, the body’s labor force.

What are ENZYMES? Enzymes are the key to radiance, longevity, and youth. According to Dr. Edward Howell, the grandfather of enzyme therapy, an enzyme is “a protein molecule with electricity running through it…”.

We Age and Get Sick Because We Run Out of Enzymes

Each one of us is given a limited supply of bodily enzyme energy at birth. This supply, like the energy supply in our new battery, has to last a lifetime. The faster we use up our enzyme supply– the shorter our life. A great deal of our enzyme energy is wasted haphazardly throughout life.

Heat of Cooking DESTROYS ALL Enzymes!

The habit of cooking our food (several degrees of heat above our body temperature destroys enzymes) and eating it processed with chemicals; and the use of alcohol, drugs, medicines, vaccinations and junk food all draw out tremendous quantities of enzymes from our limited supply. Frequent colds, fevers, stress and exposure to extreme temperatures also deplete the supply. Even thinking requires enzyme activity. A body in such a weakened, enzyme-deficient state is a prime target for cancer, obesity, heart disease and practically all other degenerative problems. Such abuse often ends up in the tragedy of suffering and death at middle age. Today, even young children suffer from a lack of enzymes as we see many with childhood diseases and age related illness such as cancer.

People can live healthier and longer by guarding against loss of this precious life force (energy) as shown by wild animals in nature, who statistically outlive people and die of only a handful of natural causes. Bodily enzyme depletion and aging go hand in hand in both laboratory animals and humans. There is a crippled attempt of modern medicine to heal disease and its failure to attack the root of the problem.

So what can we do? One fatal process that may be the cause of all humanity’s bodily ills is the cooking of food. Prolonged heat destroys 100% of enzymes in food. We must replendish those enzymes by adding more raw foods into our diet and unless grown on fertile soil, raw foods can also be low in enzymes. Especially the imported foods that are raised on depleted soils, harvested unripened and transported over long distances.

Supplementation of plant enzymes is then essential for us to maintain and regain our health. Larger quantities of enzyme supplementation has also been proven to help eradicate many health challenges such as cancer, arthritis, obesity, colitis and many other illnesses. When supplementing, care has to be taken that enzyme supplements must be plant based, of the highest quality, contain no fillers and must not be destroyed by the high acid of the stomach in order to be effective.

PLANT ENZYMES are the MOST EFFECTIVE and are NOT DESTROYED by the high acidity of the stomach. They work within a 2 and 12 ph range. PANCREATIC ENZYMES are the LEAST EFFECTIVE. They work within a 6 and 8 ph range and are mostly destroyed by the acidity of the stomach.

Enzymes MUST be in the body first before protein can be effective and before minerals can be utilized we need protein and before vitamins can be absorbed, we need minerals. – The order of nutrients in the body.

What Do Enzymes Do…???

** Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call “life.”

** They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it.

** They “assemble” molecules during their formative growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured.

** Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body. Without enzymes life would not exist. They are our life-force.

** Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form. Without enzymes life ceases.

** Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged;

** they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and every other nutrient the body needs;

**they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells;

**they quench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones.

The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job. Almost everyone focuses on vitamins and minerals, but enzymes must be present in the body first. These are scientific facts. People get ill and age because they lack enzymes.
Not all enzymes are created equal. Learn more elsewhere on this site.

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Our healthcare resources are being pushed to their limits! Rising disease rates continue to result in increasing costs and rising doctor waiting lists. Looking at this logically, what is missing most in our “health care system” is health!

Obesity, diabetes, cancer and other dis-eases are increasing at unprecedented rates. High calorie devitalized products drive compulsive overeating behavior and are destroying the health of an entire generation especially our children. We are eating more calories than ever before, but the foods we are eating are seriously deficient in vital micro nutrients. High micro nutrient-rich whole-foods, are a great way to get essential nutrients while giving us the satiation and ‘full’ feeling our body craves.

In the China Study, a book by T. Colin Campbell, Jacob Gould Schurman Professor Emeritus of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and Thomas M. Campbell II, a physician, examines the link between the consumption of animal products (including dairy) and chronic illnesses such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, cancers, etc. The authors conclude that people who eat a predominantly whole-food, plant-based diet—avoiding animal products as a main source of nutrition, including beef, pork, poultry, fish, eggs, cheese and milk, and reducing their intake of processed foods and refined carbohydrates—will escape, reduce, or reverse the development of numerous diseases.

The study concluded that countries with a high consumption of animal-based foods were more likely to have higher death rates from “Western” diseases, while the opposite was true for counties that ate more plant-based foods.

Our current model of healthcare has turned into a system of disease care, merely treating symptoms, rather than addressing the underlying cause of disease. Addressing the cause of illness is the logical answer.

Taking a more holistic approach to health, there isn’t a part of our body that isn’t connected to another part of our body. With over a hundred trillion cells in your body, taking a more holistic or whole body approach to health is our best investment.

With the influx of imported non-nutritional foods which are picked unripened, irradiated destroying vital nutrients, pesticides, etc., we need to supplement with vital whole food supplements.

We must ensure that the supplements we take feed our whole body. The world’s leading researchers are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for our cells, as the health of our body is mostly tied to the health of our cells.

Here’s the challenge, with the full range of nutritional supplements available, where do we begin to make the best and most informed choices? Health food stores are lined with row upon row of supplements, and simply walking into a store to pick up a multivitamin may not be enough to adequately supplement our dietary choices, let alone improve our health.

Sure, deciding to purchase health supplements is a step in the right direction, but do we know what our body needs? Do we know what to buy and how to shop for quality supplements?Avena -- A-New-Life-Full-Cover

Evidently, ‘Supplementing With Success’ is much more than just popping pills, but rather choosing nutritional supplements that are synergistically compatible, highly bio available and ultimately, effectively absorbed and utilized by our body. And one of the key factors and most important are plant based enzymes. Many people that have gone the plant-based lifestyle and supplementing with powerful whole-food supplements were able to eliminate their most challenging health challenges. Even some so called incurable illnesses were eliminated.

In fact, if the supplements we consume are not designed according to “The Laws of Nature”, our best intentions and hard-earned dollars are being flushed away, literally!

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Quantum Frequency Technology (They Don’t Want You to Know About)

Quantum Frequency Technology may be the future of medicine.David Sereda - Best_Rife_Machine_with_Quantum_Gem_Ion_Resonator_White_Wand_360x

But most people have never heard about it before.

When it comes to curing cancer, chemotherapy has a 2-3% success rate

(More accurately, a 97-98% failure rate)

But, could there be a more natural way, using RIFE frequencies?

Check out this short video here…

Almost all illnesses can be eliminated using the protocol outlined here on this site and    plus ” the Raw Truth – Cancer and other illnesses-“

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Amazing testimonials from Light Stream Wand users:

Retired Veteran Nurse Saves The Lives Of 3 Terminal Cancer Sufferers Who Were Given “Death Sentences” By Their Doctors!

“Veteran Nurse Saves The Lives Of 3 Terminal Cancer Patients Who Were Given ‘Death Sentences’ By Their Doctors! Learn How…”

Step #1: Watch this video preview

Client #1 – 12-year colon cancer carrier found a new tumor 6 inches up his colon. Doctors said he had to remove the colon and he would have to wear a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. He had 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment, meanwhile he was getting treatment with the light stream wand and when he went back to re-check with colonoscopy and 9 weeks later, the cancer was gone! The doctor’s said it was impossible that the 1 chemo and 1 radiation treatment could heal the cancer and asked what he did. He said, “Well, I know someone who knows more about cancer than you!”

Client #2 – She had only 6 months to live, according to her doctor. She was treated with the light stream wand once or twice a week and saw her tumor markers go from 970 down to 200.

Client #3 – He was diagosed with a tumor on his right kidney. We reduced the tumor from size of grapefruit to size of a lemon. He had surgery to remove the tumor, when they had anticipated to remove the entire kdney. He didn’t change his diet, 1.5 years later, his cancer came back on original kidney and left kidney and 3 spots on his liver.

He was diagnosed with stage 4 recurrent cancer and the doctors said he had 6 months to live and was asked to participate in a experimental drug. He declined and chose to do light stream wand therapy. After 35 days of daily treatment, he went for the exam and the cancer was GONE! The doctor thought he had done the experimental drug and and thought he was the only one who survived (the other 24 people died). When he told the doctor that he actually declined the experimental drug, and did the light stream wand treatments, the doctor refused to admit that it was healed and reported that “it wasn’t cancer in the first place”. And he said, “Well you thought is was cancer enough to invite me into a drug experiment…”. Lesson: doctors don’t want to admit or believe that there is a cure out there.

Talk soon- David Sereda

P.S. We make no claims to the effects of the wand. The stories here are only what wands users are reporting to us.

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David Sereda

David Sereda a.k.a. “The Modern Day DaVinci”, is one of the most innovative spiritual technology inventors and thought-leaders of our time.

David is one of the extremely rare keynote speakers that has extraordinary spiritual enlightenment as well as the advanced scientific and technological know-how.
He is a renowned author, spiritual genius, and free-thinking space and quantum scientist, who has worked with world class physicists, (spoke in Congress on nuclear fusion in 1993), who reaches millions of people on radio and TV shows. He was also an ecologist (having personally planted 1.3 million trees in over 22 years.


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— Powerful Proteolytic Probiotics

— We all have the tools within use to fix any problem we may have and eliminate any health challenge

— My battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer

Michael O’Brian Tells Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story

— Completely Reverses Diabetes

— Athletic Performance — see videos below

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Powerful Probiotics

What we’ll cover in this event…

Probiotics are not created equally!
Each different strain and the combination of bacteria are going to produce separate effects.

So what should you be looking for in a bacteria?
Well, when it comes to supplemental probiotics and healthy bacteria very few of them are proteolytic.

This discussion will walk you through what proteolytic means
Why so many experts consider it a MUST HAVE in any probiotic formulation.

Good probiotic and bacteria are essential for health 
Make sure you arm yourself and your body’s defensive strength so they can be the best they can.

Avena Originals Testimony – My battle with Multiple Sclerosis and Cancer
Christina has been involved with Avena Originals since 2005 and has been doing an awesome job within these last few years building her Drink Me Smoothie Company.
Michael OBrian Tells Dr. Bernard Jensen’s Story… From death-bed cancer to cancer-free in sixty days…
Darren Berrcloth aka “BearClaw” Talks about how much his health has improved by changing his diet, and emphasising his nutrition with Avena Originals. This special segment came from Avena’s – A New Life DVD

DIABETES - studyA1Diabetes (and for all other illnesses) explained and the Diabetes protocol…

Protocol to eliminate diabetes and other illness — read below>>>

Our very first expert compares diabetes to “The Black DEATH of the 21st century”.

In the 13th century, the Black Death was a plague that SWEPT Europe, killing half of its people, entire towns and villages wiped out. They did not know how to keep their families safe.

Now, you and I need to know how to protect our families from the twin pandemics of our times: Diabetes AND Obesity.

There have been all kinds of money and medicine applied to the problem, yet it just keeps getting worse.

Think it’s not you? New estimates say that more than HALF of US residents alone have diabetes or prediabetes, and 75% of them don’t know they have it.

And as you’ll hear one expert proclaim tonight, “Even skinny people aren’t safe.”

But you CAN keep your family safe when you have the information that we reveal to you in this – sometimes terrifying – but immensely valuable AND HOPE-FILLED documentary series.

It is very likely that diabetes, pre-diabetes, or deadly conditions like metabolic syndrome already exist in your family or friend circle, so this episode is VITAL if you want to support them.

50 to 80% of us have at least pre-diabetes and HALF of us don’t even know it!

Completely Reverses Diabetes

Seven Steps to Optimal Health Program”

Protocol for the program is below…

Finally push the “Stop” button on Type 2 Diabetes and drastically improve Type 1 –starting right now!

On this eye-popping page, you’ll:

  • Learn the REAL reason you have diabetes…and what you can do about it
  • Attack diabetes at its source…without swallowing dangerous drugs
  • Never poke or prick yourself with glucose meters or insulin EVER again
  • Completely REVERSE (not just treat) diabetes.

…put simple:

Heal Your Diabetes For Good!

Let’s face it. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably already up to your eyeballs with diabetes information. The problem is, you don’t know what to make of it!

With thousands of books, articles, and online programs out there, there’s no shortage of information…just a shortage of good information.

Keep reading, because I’m going to cut out the fat and give you the only diabetes information you’ll ever need!

What Does…and Doesn’t Cause Diabetes

I know what you’re thinking.

You think I’m going to tell you that diabetes is part of some giant conspiracy concocted in a dimly-lit backroom with “big pharm”, the FDA, and your doctor all sitting at the table.

While there’s definitely some shady stuff going on with diabetes treatments, let’s start with some…

Cold-Hard Truths About Diabetes

I hope this will put some of the crazy talk out there to rest:

  • Doctors are NOT evil masterminds: Sure, he wears a lab coat, but he doesn’t plot night and day to make sure you have diabetes forever. Doctors aren’t wicked – they’re just horribly misguided and WAY too medication-oriented. They are trained by the pharmaceutical industry and not in natural methods.
  • Pharmaceutical Companies aren’t out to harm people: Let’s get something straight: drug companies don’t want you to get better but they don’t want to kill you either. They’re a business like any other and they need sick customers to keep their profits growing.
  • You have NOT been 100% wrong about diabetes: You probably have a good handle on the basics, but you’ve likely been duped by the misinformation floating around. I’m here to fill in the gaps –not tell you what you already know.
  • Diabetes isn’t your fault: It probably seems that there’s a line of people waiting to tell you exactly what you’ve done wrong. Not me! I realize that diabetes isn’t something you get from being “bad” –it’s a result of listening to the wrong people!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way we can start getting to the good stuff: why you have diabetes and how you can get rid of it!

Four HUGE 21st Century Diabetes Discoveries
That Your Doctor Has NO Clue About

  1. Weight Loss Does NOT Cure Diabetes but it sure does help: From the day you’ve been told you have diabetes, everyone from your doctor to your mom has been squawking at you with the same tired message: “lose weight, lose weight, lose weight”.  It probably sounds like they’re reading from a script!

Well guess what? Dropping a few pounds isn’t going to hurt…but it’s no cure! Research shows that the foods you eat make or break diabetes, but calories and pounds aren’t all they’re cracked up to be!

Fat around the pancreas prevents the pancreas from producing the required insulin for sugar metabolization. So thin and skinny people can have fat around the pancreas and other organs by eating the wrong toxic foods.

  1. Diabetes Is Not a Life Sentence: Whenever I hear a doctor talk about diabetes, they drone on non-stop about “diabetes treatment”, “diabetes management” and “diabetic control”.

Sadly, you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor use the word “cure”.

Based on the last decade of research, it’s clear that diabetes is a 100% curable condition. The reason that most people are stuck with diabetes for their whole lives is that they rely on nasty drugs, way-off diets, and impossible to follow exercise programs!

  1. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) Diet Makes Diabetes WORSE: This is one thing almost everyone can agree on: diet is the diabetes “make or break” factor. Diet can cause, and as I’m about to show you, completely cure diabetes.

Unfortunately, the ADA doesn’t seem interested in putting together a diet-based cure for diabetes. That’s why they allow foods like high fructose corn syrup, Snickers bars …and even lard!

  1. The Current Line of Treatments Flat Out Don’t Work: Your doctor may claim that there’s scientific evidence for the drug he gave you. The question you need to ask him (and yourself) is:

“If these treatments are so great, why does everyone and their brother have diabetes?”

Consider this:Good diet

    • Almost 80% of everyone has some form of pre-diabetes (more than double the amount of full-blown diabetics)
    • The amount spent on diabetes care doubles every 25 years

Does this sound like modern medicine is making progress? Not to me!

Diabetes is a Symptom AND a Disease

Believe it or not, but when you stick your finger with a glucometer and you get a blood sugar reading of let’s say 250, it’s NOT because you have diabetes!

That’s right: plenty of people without diabetes walk around with high blood sugars all the time. How can this be?

It all comes down to a single word: I-N-F-L-A-M-M-A-T-I-O-N

You read that right; inflammation is the root cause of diabetes.

It’s the inflammation that makes your cells ignore insulin (also known as insulin resistance).

It’s inflammation that makes your pancreas to shrivel up and die

It’s the inflammation that’s causing your diabetes!

“What The Heck Is Inflammation?”

That’s a great question. I know I just dropped a bombshell on you, so let me tell you a bit more about this downright deadly phenomenon.

Have you ever stubbed your toe and it swelled up like a helium balloon? That’s inflammation at work. Inflammation is just your body’s way of treating sickness, infection or injury.

When you eat the wrong foods, your body goes into full-fledged attack mode and treats the toxins you just ate as foreign invaders! And if you keep eating the wrong foods (even those that you think are healthy), the inflammation fire rages higher and higher until your body is in crisis.

It’s no wonder that Time Magazine recently chose to put inflammation as it’s cover story…

it’s just that important!

The only way to get inflammation under control is to knock out the toxic foods from your diet. Once that’s done, you need to start adding anti-inflammatory foods that are like ice-cold water on a flame!

Then, and only then, can your body bounce back, repair, and do the internal renovations that will completely reverse diabetes!

What I discovered in my diabetic research was that taking out ONE type of food is enough to reverse the inflammation and get your diabetic condition under control.

So the 7 step system will assist in reversing the blood sugar level and inflammation.

First let me explain a very important point:

One of the worst things you can do……is take a bunch of diabetes medications. It might be hard to admit, but you probably already know that these meds do much more harm than good!

Just because the meds put the cap on your blood sugar doesn’t mean your diabetes is getting any better.

Truth be told, these same meds make inflammation skyrocket.

Pills are not going to do anything but treat the symptoms! And in the long run, they’ll make your problem worse.

For the first time in history, the new goal is to not just treat, but completely eliminate diabetes.

Seriously, think about this for a moment. This means that you can live a fun and fulfilling life -100% diabetes free!

the Lymphatic System

When was the Last Time You Drained Your Lymph Fluids?

‘Acidosis’ is the other cause of inflammation besides a toxic diet.. We feed our body, hopefully, with the proper foods that give us the nutrients we require. The nutrients are absorbed through the colon walls. The blood carries these nutrients to feed the trillions of cells that compose our body. This blood must be in an alkaline state. The cells have to excrete their wastes through the lymph system. This waste is acidic. It is like the sewage system of the body. If this waste is not excreted through the kidneys, it then backs up creating all sorts of health problem issues. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, crohns, dementia, diabetes, pain, psoriasis and any other so-called symptom…lymphatic-system-lymph-nodes-54bf21348d2d6-704x854

Your body’s lymph system is the sewage system for even normal metabolic toxins, and more so if there are health issues. Lymph nodes provide antigens for purifying fluids containing anything from allergens to cancer cells. That fluid is simply called lymph. There is more lymph in your body than blood, but unlike blood, there is no pump for lymph.

If lymph doesn’t move out of small lymph nodes through their ducts into the kidneys and liver, it backs up like a clogged sewer line. Lymph nodes can become infected and you wind up with the misnomer of “swollen glands.” Learn more on the site below…

The kidneys are the elimination organs and if not filtering properly will cause a back up of the acidic lymph. The skin is our third kidney, so this acidic waste if not eliminated through the kidneys, comes out through the skin (psoriasis and other skin problems) or is concentrated in a tumor (cancer).

Animal protein is another cause of acidosis. Specifically an animal based diet and casein in milk and whey. According to extensive research (‘The China Study’ by Colin T. Campbell} people on an animal based diet acquired all types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. When they were put on a plant based diet, all diseases disappeared.

Amazing Diabetes Recovery

To Avena Originals and Management

Hello to all of you and best wishes too. I want to let you know how I have been doing with my Diabetes. For many years my Doctors had been telling me I was diabetic. I had all the symptoms, the high and low sugar levels, or better said my level of sweetness varied from day to day and hour to hour. One day the Doctor told me I would have to go on pills or needles. To which I said NO. I had lost my sister to diabetes, amputations 4 times, blindness and misery. I contacted Frankie in Kelowna and we set up a meeting in Surrey after the regular meeting. I began to follow the outline he had given me the very next day. For the next 4 months I ate Raw, 80% Organic fruits and Veggies. No dairy, no meat or eggs. I felt so deprived. I also took all of the seven Avena Products that Frankie had recommended to take: 100 Enzyme caps daily, Herb cocktail twice daily, 2 or 3 Teaspoons with Orange juice. 6 Minerals, 20 + friendly flora (probiotics), Toco (E-Fusion) 4 times daily 2 teaspoons full, 30 to 40 Super foods daily and Electric C two teaspoons with orange juice. I gave up Coffee, all forms of alcohol, and pop, candy, and some of the so-called better things like chocolate etc. I did this program for 120 plus days, at which time my BS, or blood sugar, was consistently 5.2 Now 2 ½ years later, my doctor said you can’t have cured your diabetes, you own it for life. So in Sept 2005 he ordered a random blood test, non-fasting, and much to his surprise it came back at 5.2, and he also said my kidneys had returned to normal with no sign of complications from diabetes. I thank God and Avena and some friends who encouraged me a lot when I needed it most.

That is my story and I wish to share it with the world.
Your Friend
George Harley Kornelsen

I was diagnosed with high blood sugar, pre-diabetes. I had symptoms of twitching nerves of the feet. Cold feet at night where I had a hard time falling asleep. My young doctor prescribed metamorphin which I took just for a few months plus another very expensive drug which I did not pick up. I learned that taking drugs does not eliminate the health problem, just prolongs the agony and when the first stops working a stronger one is prescribed. Then another stronger drug and just have to rely on these drugs forever. Becomes very, very costly.

I went the natural way. Diabetes is caused by the organs not functioning properly. The pancreas stop producing insulin because of also fat around the organs. I went considerable much more on a raw diet. Lost weight. And learned that ripe fruit, berries and melons are the best diet. Fruit is the only food that does not require insulin to push  the sugar into the cells. Not the other sugar, not artificial sugars and not the processed fructose.

I done green smoothies with fruit and green leafy vegetables. Added Avena’s E-Fusion (excellent for diabetics and healing diabetic sores), RP3 raw protein, ground flax seeds, cinnamon, raw sunflower seeds, etc.

I also took herbs that support the pancreas, kidneys and other organs plus Avena’s ‘Herbal Balance’. Within weeks my diabetic symptoms disappeared and I can still take the occasional cookies or so without any consequences. Seems like my organs are regenerating with all these super nutrients.

Being a health researcher, thank goodness I do not do prescription drugs. The body CAN rebuild itself once the proper tools, the proper nutrients, are supplied…!!!

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS    250-220-1262

A study illustrates…  that a plant-based diet can dramatically improve the health of people with diabetes. It also shows that people found this way of eating highly acceptable and easy to follow. Did you know? Both the American and Canadian Diabetes Associations include plant-based as a diet option!

Don’t Treat Diabetes- Beat It! The proven, natural way to completely reverse type 2 diabetes and drastically improve type 1 diabetes symptoms!

It’s Time To Get Serious!

Not A Decision to Put Off Until Tomorrow

Diabetes isn’t something you have to live with anymore! Starting RIGHT NOW, you can be well on your way to making diabetes a thing of the past. Order the ‘Seven Steps to Optimal Health program’ now!

Leading Edge Health at 250-220-1262

Solutions to All Health Challenges

Protocol For Maintaining Superb Health and Eliminating any Illness

We have been helping people with health challenges who have attained 100% success when they follow the program. Your dilemma could be easily corrected. We are meant to be in Ideal Health but we must follow what our creator gave to us… REAL food that feeds our body. Not distorted foods that create dis-eases.

The problem with all health issues is ‘acidosis’. We feed our body, hopefully, with the proper foods that give us the nutrients we require. The nutrients are absorbed through the colon walls. The blood carries these nutrients to feed the trillions of cells that compose our body. The blood must be in an alkaline state. The cells have to excrete their wastes through the lymph system. This waste is acidic. It is like the sewage system of the body. If this waste is not excreted through the kidneys, it then backs up creating all sorts of health problem issues. Allergies, arthritis, cancer, crohn’s, dementia, diabetes, pain, psoriasis and any other so-called symptom…

The kidneys are the elimination organs and if not filtering properly will cause a back up of the acidic lymph. The skin is our third kidney, so this acidic waste if not eliminated through the kidneys, comes out through the skin (psoriasis and other skin problems) or is concentrated in a tumor (cancer).

Animal protein is another cause of acidosis. Specifically an animal based diet and casein in milk and whey. According to extensive research (‘The China Study’ by Colin T. Campbell} people on an animal based diet acquired all types of diseases such as cancer, heart problems, diabetes, etc. When they were put on a plant based diet, all diseases disappeared.

So what do we do to resolve this problem…???

Here is our protocol to stay stay in good health and eliminate any illness… a proper diet is crucial to good health. And since today our food is devoid in nutrients, we MUST supplement with good nutrition…

Humans our diet should consist mostly of ripe fruits, berries and melons. Fructose in fruits is the only sugar that does not require insulin. They supply the required nutrients our body requires. They also assists in the cleansing process of our body. Green leafy vegetables and other vegetables in a raw state are also strongly recommended. Green smoothies with the above foods are easily digested and absorbed. It takes the body to adjust so starting with lightly steamed vegetables will ease and adjust the body gradually into more of a raw diet. Recommendation is 80% raw to 20% cooked. This process takes time so we also recommend the following supplementation…

We work with the following products because they ‘BRING RESULTS’…!!!

People have experienced ‘Miraculous’ transformations in their lives with this program.

Grai BealeGrai Beal has been part of Avena Originals for many years, and now you finally you get to hear his testimony on his lifestyle, health, nutrition, and using Avena Originals. Here is where you can get Grai’s view on body building on a plant based diet, and how much more value you can get from looking after your digestion to improve fitness performance.

RP3 Raw Protein…  Avena - rp3_2Avena - E-Fusion - Vit. E complex

Dr. Morse addresses the simplicity of how the body works.

We still need to supplement with pure, clean whole food supplements as our food does not contain all the nutrients the body requires.

Below are supplements to keep the body in optimal health…

(Other products possibly would not be as effective and not proven to work

as our success is only with PROVEN products that do work.)

Visit our Powerful Product and Educational Health site:

Herb Cocktail… A whole body detox. Cleans the body and assists in removing impacted waste material from the colon walls. 1 tsp. morning and evening at least 20 minutes before and after meals. Preferably with fresh pure orange juice. Makes it more effective. Avena - herb cocktail

Enzymes... Aids in the digestion of foods. Not all enzymes are created equal. Plant enzymes are the MOST effective. Depending on the situation… anywhere from 5 to 25 per day.

The more taken, the quicker the results.

What Do Enzymes Do?

Enzymes build, orchestrate and unify the physical expression we call “life.”

–They seem to know precisely what to do and when to do it.

–They “assemble” molecules during their formative growth and they take molecules apart when individual cells are fractured.

–Enzymes create and modulate every system in the body.

–Enzymes help assemble a human body from a one-cell organism into a 50 to 70 trillion-cell life form.

–Enzymes are involved in repairing the body when it is damaged; –they transport, use, and transform oxygen molecules and every other nutrient the body needs;

–they break down metabolic waste and the by-products of cells; –they quench free radicals, and they split off unwanted molecules from nutrients, adding necessary ones.

–The physical existence of every human being and the existence of all other living organisms is totally dependent upon the ability of enzymes to do their job.

Powerful Products that bring ‘RESULTS’… Go to…

Proteolytic Probiotics… Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics…pp240

…have an undeniable ability to provide optimal support to our immune system — and make the immune system work as it was designed .

Symptoms such as… eczema, psoriasis, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, cirrhosis, cancers of all types, hepatitis, colds, flu, fever, bacterial and viral infections and much more are manifested due to toxins and a lack of Enzymes and Probiotics.

Enzymes and Probiotics are found in organic RAW foods. Cooking, irradiation of foods, chemicals, stress and many other factors destroy ALL Enzymes, Probiotics and many nutrients.

2 – 5 caps just before retiring. See articles on our site…

Supplementing with Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics (the friendly flora) IS MORE IMPORTANT than taking vitamins and minerals!

E-Fusion – Ultimate Nutritional Enhancement — Whole Food Complex… an “Ideal” baby food. Cancer patients experienced no pain using E-Fusion.Avena - e-fusion

Electric ‘C’ – a complete vitamin ‘C’ complex with electrolytes… A natural antibiotic. Electric C 127

Minerals ‘Real AT Last’ – a complete mineral complex…

Super Food – Enhanced with Enzymes and a whole food co-factor blend — a superpower food.

Green Smoothies and Bodybuilding… Grai Beal stays in excellent shape with his natural diet at the age of 50!

Avena ad

Order directly from Avena Originals…

Some other products that are important to support sugar metabolism and help rebuild the organs such as the kidneys, pancreas and other organs.

Herbs for the specific organs, magnesium, chromium with cinnamon, etc.

Make sure to contact us for further information with any questions and how to use the products most effectively… We are here to help in your wellness challenge…

Did you know that enzymes and proteolytic probiotics is our immune system. Heating/cooking destroys all enzymes and most nutrients. Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics are the MOST important nutrients…They are the Workers in the body…!!!

Most people are deficient of enzymes.

Enzymes must be in the body first. Without enzymes, protein is not utilized. Without protein, minerals are not absorbed. Without minerals – vitamins do not function… and in that order.

There is a BIG difference of different types of enzymes. Learn about enzymes and much more…

Our Educational and Product site:

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Call for a consultation250-220-1262 Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS Independent Distributor #10164

Help Others and Be “Highly Rewarded”…!!!

This Educational Health package is for educational purposes only.

Nothing cures anything –- Cleanse the body of toxins. Get the lymph (sewer system) flowing. Alkalize the body. Feed the body with the proper Whole Raw Foods and the body will heal itself…!!!

Health Is Not a Matter of Chance… It is Just a Matter of Choice !

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Wanetta Beal is exceptionally fit and motivated, and strives to reach new goals and meet new challenges head on. Powered by a raw food diet and the best health of her life, Wanetta tells her story of success. Shot and told by Derek Johnstone
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What We Do in Wellness, Athletic Performance, Dis-ease Elimination and to Help Create Wealth

Rio Dorian Gold

 Experience the Incredible Healing Power of Avena’s E-Fusion & RP-3 Raw Protein
 Rio - DirianBicyclist champion…

 Grai BealeAthletes and Weight Trainers have reported a 600% increase in performance…

lth Presentation…        Avena heading

Why Are There 100,000 Diseases and No Cures

Our health is at the worst it has ever been, with young adults fighting and struggling
with health issues no generation before ours has ever had to.
More than ever before is preventing disease critical!
This topic is one most people try to avoid, and few discuss it,
yet it has the most profound effect on your health.
Trust me you need to know this for yourself and for your loved ones!

We’ve have recorded webinars.

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Visit…  for our MOST PURE (no  added toxic ingredient fillers) POWERFUL products that bring success in our health.

Avena - prostate...It’s truly an inspiration to see Elwood and his wife Betty, making their health a priority, and reaping the benefits. ” My PSA count was 14.1 and that needed to change. Thought I would try Dr.Jensen recommendation of taking Avena’s Super Digestive Enzymes any where from 9-15 a day, and within 1 month my PSA count dropped to 5.5. I’m astounded, and excited that I can feel this good in my 80’s.

Responses to inquiries about our program…

Thanks for the inquiry …

Here is some info that you requested.

Hope it does not overwhelm you…

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS


Victoria, BC, Canada

Health challenges…???


Am I ever ill…

Thank you for your request for information on your health challenge.

Our program has brought success to many that followed the regimen of superior health.

From death-bed cancer to cancer-free in 60 days, MS, ALS, diabetes, lupus, etc.

Regaining health is not an easy task to undertake, but if we want to get well,

then we must take that step.

Our protocol consists of a diet change to more raw (80% raw to 20% cooked

recommended), cleansing the body of toxins, supplementation with powerful plant

enzymes and proteolytic probiotics, feeding the body with powerful whole food


Much information will be found on our sites… and

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

We are here to help.

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS


Victoria, BC, Canada

Here is some info on what people have used to bring 100% success in their health

and elimination of any health face

Feed the body with the proper nutrients and the body will heal itself.

Cancer is caused by the excess of toxins that the body cannot eliminate.

To protect itself, these toxins are encapsulated in a tumor.

There are other causes but toxins are a main cause of ill health.

This is our mentor and enzyme expert…Micheal_Obrien

Many people have benefited from former MD, Michael O’Brien’s research.

Michael O’Brien – as a former Director of two Los Angeles Medical Clinics,

witnessed the poor results of people’s attempts in achieving good health.

He himself eliminated colon cancer and hepatitis that he acquired at the same time.

He would not go the medical route as he knew that he WOULD NOT make it with

the medical methods. He found the solution and has been teaching them for many years.

He also spoke to thousands of medical doctors on the principles of health that brought results.

After many years in practice and many more years of research,

Michael developed ‘user friendly’ methods to address even the most challenging

diseases that our society faces today.

Tremendous success of restoring health has been attained with his knowledge.

Michael O’Brien — was instrumental in Dr. Bernard Jensen’s “Victory Over cancer”,

The Bernard Jensen story is explained on our site…

and on this site you are on…

click on: cancer-free in sixty days or use search bar.


Many have been able to eliminate so called incurable illnesses such as —

lupus, ALS, MS, diabetes and many more.

See many testimonials here:

More stories are found on the this site…

Proteolytic Enzymes and proteolytic probiotics are the workers.

(proteolytic — eat or dissolve tumors)

The analogy is that if we were building a house and we supplied

all the building materials to the site… lumber, cement, nails, etc.

and if there were no workers to put the building together,

nothing would get done.

The same goes for enzymes and probiotics in the body.

The enzymes and probiotics are the workers.

Nothing gets done in the body without enzymes or probiotics.

We lose enzymes as we age and if we do not replenish those enzymes,

we age and get all types of illnesses. Enzymes are in all raw plants and

we destroy enzymes by (heating) cooking our food.

Enzymes are destroyed by temperatures of anything over about 114 degrees F.

The most important for recovery and maintenance of health is starting with

powerful and most effective Herb Cocktail, powerful enzymes, proteolytic probiotics,

E-Fusion and other nutrients.Avena ad

Pure Powerful products of Nature with nothing added (fillers, toxic ingredients, etc.)

and nothing taken away including the ‘electrical’ frequency.

(Enzymes and probiotics are not created equally. Our enzymes and probiotics

are extremely powerful. that is why the results of success.

If a person might try other types of enzymes and probiotics, success most

likely would not be achieve due to the weakness of these other products.)

All of these are supplied by the health company… http://avenaoriginal.infoAvena emblem

Avena Originals is a health educational company and product supplier.

They carry the MOST powerful and the MOST pure products available.

That is why such tremendous results are achieved.

Explore the site and learn about all the methods used to help eliminate

our most challenging health issues. Listen to the podcasts on the site.

Nothing cures anything. Only the body will heal itself once we supply it

the proper tools — the nutrients.

Now we leave it in your hands. It is your decision to decide.

“Ideal Health” or… illness…


In the meanwhile follow our blog for any new posts.

Plant enzymes vs pancreatic enzymes…???


I have studied from the best top enzyme experts in the field of enzymes.

All plants contain enzymes and if we ate only raw plant food, we would stay healthy,

but that is not really possible for all.

Pancreatic enzymes will be produced by the body only if plant enzymes are in the body first.

Pancreatic enzymes work in a very narrow ph base and most are destroyed by the acid in the stomach.

There are available weak plant enzymes and exceptionally powerful plant enzymes.

We work with enzymes that work in a range of between 2 and 12 ph so they get directly into the

bloodstream and are most effective.

Enzymes and proteolytic probiotics are the supplements necessaryAvena ad

for cancer prevention and elimination.

Visit the cancer site:

We could send our ‘Health Educational’ package through postal mail at no cost.

Send us your postal mail address and we will get one out to you.

Contact us at:  or

Louis Hoolaeff HR HC ACS


Victoria, BC, CanadaLouis

avena - empowered


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Avena - products


Not All Supplements are Created Equal As shocking as this may sound, it is true… unless the supplements we consume are regulatory compliant and independently lab tested, we have no real way of knowing what is in the container. At Avena Originals, we are all about quality, honesty and integrity. And when it comes to the delivery of nutrients, our body has the final say. This is why the most expensive supplements are those that might not work, or even worse, those that do more harm than good.

100 % Pure Products of Nature & 100% Vegan FriendlyOur products are designed according to “The Laws of Nature” with nothing added, nothing taken away. What this means is our products are bio-available, synergistically compatible with our body and ultimately Electrically Available®. This is the foundation of our success. Here is why… Essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes are required for our survival. But certain laws of nature play an essential part in the delivery of nutrients. If you are at all health conscious, one of the most important “Laws of Nature” we need to understand is that… “our body cannot absorb a vitamin without a mineral, and to utilize minerals, our body needs utilizable proteins, but to absorb proteins, our body needs enzymes”!
Most people who supplement are starting at the wrong end of the scale, because it all starts with “enzymes”. And this is why our products bring results! At Avena Originals, we formulate according to nature and we do not cut corners. Quality comes first!

Free from Binders, Toxic Fillers, Extenders & Excipients And no isolates as the body does not necessarily recognize isolates. For the vast majority of companies, profit is the bottom line. So we get what we pay for. Cheap supplements often contain less effective, low-end ingredients to keep product prices l ow, increasing consumer demand for their products while boosting profit margins.
The end result of cheap supplements is typically low potency and potential toxicity. Regardless of the marketing hype, many supplements on the market are often completely unnecessary – some have even been proven to produce health risks. But at Avena Originals, we start by using only the highest quality ingredients. We understand the potential for supplements to be treated as a toxin by the body and as such we pride ourselves in providing only the purest products of nature!
Our best insurance is to take a more holistic or whole body approach to our health. We need to be sure that the supplements we consume will feed our whole body the way nature intended — this is the way all products bearing the Avena Originals label are formulated. In fact, the leading researchers from around the world are now stressing the importance of maintaining a healthy environment for our hundred trillion cells. The health of our body is largely tied to the health of our cells and not our DNA! Our DNA is merely a blueprint. It does not build, nor does it destroy. Our DNA is our blueprint to be our very best!

We Strive to Educate! The original saying, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; you have fed him for a lifetime.” is what we are all about. This is why our skilled management team and staff invest our days working together as a team to help protect your investment – your health! At Avena Originals, we strive to educate our members in matters of natural health and wellness helping our members to be more passionate about a better quality of life, to do more, feel better and live longer without pain, misery and illness!

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How to Reverse Aging and Eliminate Illness…

Did you know that we can reverse our aging process by ten years or more. We can defend our brains and bodies against mental decline and aging. A ground breaking discovery at Princeton University has led to anti-aging and enhanced wellness which is a benefit to old, middle aged and the young – enhancing brain health and thus enhancing our quality of life. Avena - food choices

Coupled with powerful plant enzymes, proteolytic probiotics, life enhancing whole food supplements and a healthy lifestyle we can prevent and eliminate many illnesses. Many have eliminated and have had superb benefits of improvement with illnesses such as dementia, alzheimers, death-bed cancer, MS, ALS, lupus, diabetes, etc…. Coupled with a health lifestyle we can increase our brain performance for a healthy focused mind and stay in ideal health way into our ‘Golden’ years…!!!

Visit our educational health site to learn about brain health research and on enhanced wellness…

Watch the youtube videos on the site…

Request our in-depth Educational Health package and educational newsletters. 250-220-1262

Health is NOT a Matter of CHANCE, It’s just a Matter of CHOICE..!!! Reclaim Your Health Today!

Avena heading

Health is NOT a Matter of CHANCE, It’s just a Matter of CHOICE..!!! Reclaim Your Health Today!

Kim Hartlin the Toco Man

Kim Hartlin the Toco Man

avena-kim-hartlin-660x371Kim Hartlin is a true example of the power behind products

I made it into India safe and sound. With 70 lbs of Avena product! I am in my place in New Delhi & training super hard – 3 hrs a day. Getting ready to head up to the river next week, I have 2 Brahmaputra Expeditions and 1 Subansari expedition this season! Extremely tough terrain, I will have to train very hard. I am pounding RP3 (raw protein) and E-Fusion (Toco), Super Food. Cheers from the TOCO MAN !!!! #~Kim Hartlin.” 14/10/16

Who is Kim Hartlin? In India he is known as the TOCO Man.

Kim Hartlin is someone who has dedicated his life to his health for the last 20 years. In his 40’s he projected forward to the life he wanted to have in his 60’s, He devised his plan to achieve that dream and put it into motion.

Secret to Kim’s incredible health:avena-india

Kim was introduced to a company called Avena Kim tried one simple product – the herb cocktails and instantly he knew that they had something very unique. Their products were formulated to work with the energy of the human body, through a process of electrically formulating each ingredient.

At 60 years of age, Kim is still working full time as an expedition specialist leading river expeditions and trekking expeditions both in Canada and the Himalayas of India.

Kim is an inspiration to everyone who meets him, both in the field and in the gym. When he is not out on any expeditions, he trains in the gym doing full body work outs 2 to 3 hrs every other day. Many young men and women ask him how it is possible at his age to do this kind of work out. It all boils down to commitment and a combination of eating pure natural foods and using high quality natural supplements from

If you find something that works, stick with it” ~ Kim Hartlin

After doing his research he joined forces with He has tried so many different companies, products, lifestyles, and after using the Avena products he was quoted saying “There is something very SPECIAL about this company & products!”. If you ever get the opportunity to meet Kim in person it is a very inspiring person, he is stronger than any 60 year old I have ever met. He is humble, loves the earth and all mankind.

There is something very SPECIAL about this company & products!”avena-kim-hartland

Kim Hartlin can be found in the summers in Banff, AB rowing inflatables down the Bow River. Come each fall he packs his bags (70lbs of Avena Products) and heads over to India where he guides people on extreme adventures, such as rafting the Brahmaputra or trekking deep into the wilderness of India.

I don’t think I could have the strength and endurance I have, without the Products” ~ Kim Hartlin

Kim exceeds everyone’s expectations he is strong yet very gentle, passionate yet compassionate. Here is a guy that uses 16+ tablespoons of E-Fusion everyday. By combining this with RP3 (raw protein) he has created incredible strength so much so that he is out performing many of the local India Sherpa’s and earning the name TOCO Man. Toco is the previous name for E-Fusion, which was short for Tocotrienol Complex, Tocotrienols are forms of Vitamin E, the formula is the same, the name is focused around the Vitamin E now.

Looking for an adventure, plan a trip with Kim Hartlin at

Article reproduced from the website.

Products that Kim uses are available from …

check-it-out-professor_3We hold Educational Health presentations… see when in your area, visit: or the calendar on: Receive a FREE DVD when you attend… see details on the site. Request a code for the free DVD: e-mail:


Continue reading

Tiny Trespassers — parasites…

It Is estimated that 90% of us have some sort of parasitic infection.
Parasites… What are they and what we should know…


Do you have PARASITES?!?

tapeworm-diet-b_11Count how many of these apply to you:

  1. Have you traveled internationally in the last five years
  2. Do you grind your teeth while you sleep?
  3. Do you have soft bowel movements or even diarrhea?
  4. Do you get constipated occasionally?
  5. Do you experience gas or/and bloating?
  6. Do you have any Inflammatory Bowel Disorders?
  7. Do you experience anal itching?
  8. Do you struggle to maintain proper levels of iron?
  9. Do you get hungry shortly after eating?
  10. Do you experience fatigue or exhaustion easily?
  11. Do you have aches or pains in muscle or joints?
  12. Do you have Arthritis, Gout or other joint disorders?
  13. Do you experience depression, anxiety, or aggression?
  14. Do you have any unexplained rashes or redness?


If any of the Above Symptoms are worse in the morning and get progressively better during the day: Double your total count.

0-5 – NOT LIKELY Stay on top of parasites by doing a preventive Parasite cleanse once per year, or focus on parasite fighting foods and intestinal cleansing.

6-12 – LIKELY: Better safe than sorry, if it has been awhile since you last did a Parasite Cleanse we recommend it is time for another one.
Consider seeking out a Functional Medicine Doctor and asking for a comprehensive Stool Analysis for parasites.

13-28 = VERY LIKELY:  Start a Parasite Cleanse Program as soon as possible, remember life cycles are based on 90 days, so it is important to see it through for 90 days.
seek out a Functional Medicine Doctor and ask for a comprehensive Stool Analysis for parasites.

Parasite Cleanse Program… Products, diet, lifestyle approach to parasites.avena-parasite_cleanse

Fight back with a time-tested method for success against parasite infections.

Learn all about parasites… go to:

Click on ‘Embrace a healthy Lifestyle’ then… articles and newsletters

RIO GOLD medalist… wins GOLD as he is empowered with…

Rio - Dirian VanRIO GOLD medalist… Dorian van Rijsselberghe                           wins GOLD Rio Dorian Gold

as he is empowered with Avena Originals products!


At Rio 2016 Olympics… his medal race August 14 at 10:00am MST

Dorian sought out Avena Originals as he was set on using

Avena Originals products to power his dreams of another medal in Rio 2016.

Whole Food supplements with no isolates and nothing added.

Pure Products of NATURE that bring RESULTS…!!!

Dorian’s Gold Medal PackageRio - Dirian

Dorian trained in 2016 for the Rio 2016 games on Avena Originals products. Through his hard work and skills and top quality nutritional supplements he was able to win the GOLD medal in RS:X windsurfing. If you want to use the same program he used to achieve this physical accomplishment check out this program.

Package contains the following products:

  • RP3 (900g)- Natural Raw Plant Proteins
  • P.I.N. Magnesium (16 fl oz)- Muscle recovery
  • Ionic Zinc (30ml)- Strength and muscle building
  • Proteolytic Probiotics (120 Caps) – Keeping his digestion in top shape
  • E-Fusion (20oz) – Powerful Vitamin E for muscle recovery
  • Minerals (60 Caps) – Strength, speed, and endurance
  • Superfood (240 Caps) – Alkalizing his body
We are proud to be the official Natural Health Product of choice for Dorian in 2016

Powerful products details here…

We are a product driven health company and pay referral rebates.

Protein — Considered The Key Macro Nutrient

Nutritional Science provides a vast amount of research and educational materials on proteins, and have all agreed that it is vital to our survival and health! For ages we have relied on cooked or denatured products and supplements for our protein needs. Often they are predominantly comprised of soy, whey, creatine or hydrolysed collagen which is made from animal hides.

Deficiency is widely accepted as the second leading cause of all disease. Next to toxicity (the accumulation of too many toxins), virtually every disease can be directly or indirectly traced back to a lack of essential nutrients. Our body needs enzymes, amino acids/proteins, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and fats, which is why these elements are called “essential nutrients”! Give our body Highest-Quality food and natural health products! We are what you eat—we are made of the quality of the foods we choose!

The amount of quality protein in our diet is the single most important calorie that influences our metabolic rate, favorably influencing fat loss and lean body mass. Quality protein also helps us sustain muscle during weight loss, improve muscle fitness, improve immunity, improve antioxidant function, build HDL cholesterol, and enhance insulin and leptin function – all of which contribute towards optimal fitness levels over time.

For the most utilizable protein, we are starting to recognize that the source matters. Today we are seeing movement towards a cleaner, easier to digest, RAW and Whole Food sources of protein. So we are not just getting the protein but all the other nutrients as well!

Why Raw Proteins? Today we have a far better understanding about the effects of heat on proteins. It is a fact that even mild heat can bind Lysine which is a controlling amino acid; without unbinded

Lysine we will dramatically limit the use of many essential amino acids in the food we eat. If we do not have these essential nutrients present at the same time, our body will have difficulty creating new proteins. Proteins that could be used to create stronger muscles, reconnecting tissues, rebuilding hormones, enzymes and so many other substances.

These proteins that are not used, because they were heated, have a very high chance of putrefying and turning into some of the most dangerous toxins inside the intestinal tract. Which in turn contributes to the acidifying of our bodies, causing slower intestinal transit and decreased absorption. Which in turn causes digestive illnesses such as crohns disease and colon cancer.

  • Famine in America—Food Storage the deadly errors

  • Bowel Toxemia the inescapable phenomenon

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Louis Hoolaeff HC HR ACS 

Protein — the World’s Best Enhanced Nutrition

Protein — the World’s Best Enhanced Nutrition

RP3 and E-Fusion is the future of truly healthy protein productsAvena - rp3_2

Athletic performance

Building muscles

Faster recovery from injuries

Improving liver function

Regenerating tissues and glands

Improving immune functions

Avena - e-fusion

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Anti Inflammatory conditions

Greater hormone production

Better hair, skin and nails

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Testimonials  –

As a personal trainer I am always

looking for healthier options for my

clients. I have made the switch myself to

100% Raw Protein sources and blown

away by my health and fitness results! I

am now encouraging all my clients to use

a Raw Vegan protein supplement.

~ Josh Gaynor Cor620 Crossfit Trainer

Darren Bearcloth A.K.A. The BearClaw

World Champion Slope Style Biker

A vegan protein that has the same omega

complex as eggs, whey or beef! Have you ever

heard of something this healthy? Not to mention that

this protein is super absorbable and has a bunch of

other vital ingredients in it, like enzymes probiotics &

Goji Berries.

This is hands down the best protein on the market.

Nothing touches it and I am amazed at how many people don’t understand that its the

most important thing they put in their body. Its my favorite product Avena Originals makes,

I can’t get enough of it.Get it in ya folks. ~ Darren Berrecloth

As the owner and personal trainer of a Crossfit gym I have

used many different supplements in a variety of ways. I put

the RP3 to a real test; 3 weeks using it in performance levels

which is about 3-4X per day. Within 2 weeks I started surpassing

some of my personal records I had held for years. Within a

month I had almost doubled some of my personal bests and

had broken almost every record I had! I felt great, I had more

energy, my muscles were not fatiguing like before and I was

recovering faster than I had ever thought possible!

Avena Originals Presents RP3

A breakthrough in Raw Plant Based Proteins

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Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics

Ultra Powerful Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics

have an undeniable ability to provide optimal support to our immune system — and make the immune system work as it was designed .

Symptoms such as… eczema, psoriasis, indigestion, diarrhea, constipation, cirrhosis, cancers of all types, hepatitis, colds, flu, fever, bacterial and viral infectios and much more are manifested due to toxins and a lack of Enzymes and Probiotics.

Enzymes and Probiotics are found in organic RAW foods. Cooking, irradiation of foods, chemicals, stress and many other factors destroy ALL Enzymes and Probiotics. See articles on our blog…

Supplementing with Enzymes and Proteolytic Probiotics (the friendly flora) IS MORE IMPORTANT than taking vitamins and minerals!

So… What is the bottom line??? Superb health! No need to be concerned about getting ill ever again!

No medical expenses… No pharmaceutical drug purchases… No debilitating side affects… No wasting time for sickness…

How is Avena’s Proteolytic Probiotic Different from other Probiotics?
Avena Proteolytic Probiotic L. Acidophilus DDS1 is a patented product. US Patent & Trademark. The patent relates to a biologically pure strain of Lactobacillus Acidophilus which has proteolyic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-tumoral characteristics and uses.

What makes the Proteolytic Probiotic special from other supplements                                  with L. Acidophilus?

Not to be confused with L. Acidophilus, the most common and weakest strains of probiotics. Avena’s L. Acidophilus is a modified strain with over 40 years of research and patents proving to be one of the most powerful and highly sought after strains of probiotics. It provides the strongest proteolytic capabilities, while being extremely stable in even the harshest environments. Avena’s L. Acidophilus DDs1 has the ability digest proteins giving it a new world of uses when compared to the standard Lactase (sugar) digesting bacteria’s. Because the Proteolytic Probiotic can digest protein, it can break down and assimilate the impacted matter in your intestinal track, attack Bacteria & Fungi, and even attack and destroy viruses. Now there is something you can do when you get a cold or flu! To look at a step further, Proteolytic Probiotics can break down other abnormal protein structures like tumors. This bacteria is not like any other you have ever used before!

And best of all… Saving all that money

(Nothing cures anything – only the body will heal itself once the proper tools, the nutrients, are supplied.)

Avena emblemAvena Originals Reclaim Our Health Avena Originals strives to promote health and well-being through fundamental principles.  To empower healing by eliminating toxins and enhancing nutrition through world class Electrically Available™ Formulated Natural Health Products.

  PROTEOLYTIC PROBIOTICS… Purity Above ALL Others… We have done something few have ever done before. A clean probiotic with: *NO MALTODEXTRIN (artificial sweetener)*A WHOLE FOOD FOS. (Prebiotic)*HEAT STABLE — NOT DESTROYED BY THE HIGH ACID OF THE STOMACH

One of the only probiotics made without maltodextrin… Avena’s commitment to quality shows in our probiotic blend. With probiotics in the marketplace, 99% are using bacteria grown on maltodextrin, then adding more as an F.O.S. (prebiotic) . If you have heard that to avoid probiotics with FOS, it is because maltodextrin feeds good and bad bacteria growth. Avena uses Jerusalem Artichoke as our growing base. Jerusalem artichoke feeds only7 the good bacteria while suppressing the negative bacteria.

Proteolytic? (The breakdown of proteins into smaller polypeptides or amino acids)

What defines this ‘Super Probiotic’? Not only does it exhibit all the characteristics of other Probiotics, it also has beneficial properties that far exceed typical Probiotics. It represents incredible potential in health maintenance applications. This ‘Super Probiotic’ is a novel strain awarded U.S. Patent #5,895,758. The Patent was awarded allowing the following claims:

·         ProteolyticIt will efficiently break down undigested proteins without producing the toxins that pathogenic bacteria do. It will compete with pathogens for their primary food source. It suppresses pathogen growth in their typical growth medium.

·         Anti-TumoralMice were inoculated with the Sarcoma 180 Tumor Model and then fed L.Plantarum OM. These mice exhibited suppression of tumor growth by up to 96% compared to mice left untreated. The scientists conducting this study claimed: “This is remarkable for a natural product!”

·         Anti- ViralMice were inoculated with the Rauscher Leukemia Virus (RLV) and then fed L.Plantarum OM as both pre and post inoculation treatments. Using spleen weight as a primary indicator of viral effect, mice were sacrificed at 4 weeks after inoculation and spleen weights were compared. The group of mice pre-treated with L.Plantarium exhibited only a 10% increase in spleen weight as compared to a 3,620% increase in the spleen weight of the mice left untreated.

·         Anti-Retro ViralSince the RL virus is a known example of an animal retro-virus, L.Plantarum also exhibits exceptional anti-retro-viral activity. It can also be used to screen other pharmaceutical agents for anti-retro-viral activity.

·         Nutritional SupplementIt is a Nutritional supplement that can be maintained in the Gastrointestinal Tract. It is crucial as survivability means it can perform all of these superb functions within our body.

  1. L. Acidophilus DDS-1 – A unique, high-stable probiotic of human origin. This is the essential microorganism in avena’s probiotic. This replaces and even out-performs the plantarum OM strain.
  2. L. Plantarum – The coach of bacteria and is called the communicator and increases performance and effectiveness of all other probiotics.
  3. L. Casei – Amazing new studies have been shown great results with children and young adults. Provides improved immune suppport and increases nutritional absorption.
  4. B. Bifidum – Nicknamed the Furious Warriors for their proteolytic abilities such as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and contains the ability to teach our immune system on how to deal with infections.
  5. B. Longum – has shown the ability to prevent cancers from spreading and can stop tumors from growing. May minimize the effects of or prevent the following: constipation associated with weight loss, various types of allergies, cancer, inflammation associated with Crohn’s disease or colitis or high levels of cholesterol.

This 5 Strain blend is classed and licensed by Health Canada as a Probiotic

These 5 strains have the strength to survive the acidity of the stomach (they do no good if they die before they reach their intended destination). And we have doubled the CFU. (colony forming units) per serving while keeping incredible **stability even at warm temperatures. You would be surprised at how many other probiotics this disqualifies.

Most other probiotics have to be refrigerated and they also have a short shelf life. In a stomach acid environment, over 80% might be destroyed and deliver perhaps less than 10%. Many are kept on the shelf for a very long time, perhaps up to a year. With a poor shelf life survival rate, only 30% might only be active. Therefore, many store shelf probiotics could be dead probiotics. A 20 billion CFU count might only deliver 10% or 2 billion CFU.

SYMPTOMS of low friendly bacteria:

  • low immunity
  • chronic yeast infections and/or urinary tract infections
  • overgrowth of Candida
  • sinus infection
  • post-surgical infection
  • poor digestion
  • bloating
  • gas
  • toxic waste build-up
  • diarrhea
  • constipation
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • colitis
  • diverticulitis
  • abnormal intestinal pH
  • stomach ulcers
  • inability to produce vitamins (especially vitamins B & K)
  • nutritional deficiencies such as vitamin B12
  • parasitic infection, fungi and mold overgrowth.

SDE240SUPER DIGESTIVE ENZYMES — Super Power… Our Super Digestive Enzyme formula is probably the most exciting addition to the Avena Originals lineup

Diversity… One enzyme does not fit all needs. This formulation has been designed like a powerful battery… increased potential energy of each enzyme. We are now getting 5 times and in some cases 6 times more energy per enzyme!

Did you Know? Today’s modern lifestyle destroys enzymes in many more ways than just cooking… Stress, smoking, food additives, pasteurization, canning, fluoridated tap water, air pollution, caffeine, prescription and illegal drugs, mercury toxicity, frequent air travel, workouts, x-rays, radiation (microwave ovens), food irradiation, and poor sleep all destroy enzymes!

To summarize… these hard working Friendly Bacteria and the powerful Enzymes produce substances that create an ‘Electrical Matrix’ to help inhibit cancers, viruses, reduce cholesterol, enhance the immune system and help distribute protein, minerals and vitamins to every organ in the body. Even symptoms of ADD, ALS, Parkinsons and other illnesses would benefit from Enzymes, Probiotics and Whole Food Supplements plus a change in our lifestyle and good nutrition. Re-populating the intestinal tract with natural friendly bacteria in a formulation that is ‘Electrically Harmonious’ is of paramount importance to health and vitality.


Avena - herb cocktailHerbal Cocktail — “With an estimated 98% of all disease originating in the colon, your best line of defense against disease is through the regular and daily elimination of harmful toxins. “

This synergistic detoxification product works naturally with your body to rebuild healthy eliminations. Avena’s Herb Cocktail works in 3 stages inside the bowel to promote complete restoration.

Stage 1: Forming into a gel, it absorbs undigested foods and toxins from your entire body trapping and eliminating them.
Stage 2: Herb Cocktail effectively breaks down impacted waste on intestinal walls, even mucoid plaque.
Stage 3: Using the natural pressure of the gel, it encourages and exercises peristaltic action, helping to restore the healthy movement of your intestines. 

More than a cleanser, it helps improve and repair bowel function by encouraging and exercising proper peristalsis. Gentle enough for children, yet effective enough for all ages.

Try it today; it’s one of our most popular nutritional products.

 Directions: Mix 2 teaspoons into 8oz of fresh squeezed orange juice, shake or blend until smooth, drink immediately.  (orange juice is recommended. Other juices could be used.

SYMPTOMS of a toxic colon: headaches, gas, bloating, mal-absorption issues, poor appetite, low back pain, foul breath, body odor, constipation, diarrhea, weight challenges, weakened immunity, lack of energy, depression, mood swings, sciatica, psoriasis, eczema, & extended belly.

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What Symptoms to Expect When You Improve Your Diet

What Symptoms to Expect When You Improve Your Diet

by Susan Silberstein PhD

and by Dr. Stanley Bass, ND, DC

[Dr. Bass is a trained naturopathic, chiropractic and natural hygiene doctor and the author of eight books on health.  Now in his 90’s, he has over 70 years of experience helping 30,000 patients to detoxify and reverse disease through drug-free approaches.  This blog post is excerpted and adapted from one of his articles.] 


If I were asked the area of greatest misunderstanding and confusion in the field of nutrition, I would immediately reply that it is the failure to properly understand and interpret the symptoms and changes which follow the beginning of a better nutritional program

What is meant by a better nutritional program? It is the introduction of foods of higher quality in place of lower quality ones.  Take proteins for example. Raw nuts and seeds are superior to cooked legumes. Lima beans, lentils or chick peas are superior to flesh proteins like beef and pork. The closer the food comes to the natural state in which it occurs, and the closer to its raw, uncooked form, the higher its quality is. In this condition, all the enzymes Enz - Probiare found intact, the amino acids E - Fusionare in their finest form, and the minerals, vitamins, Avena Vitamin Supremetrace elements, carbohydrates and life forces are present.  This, in turn, is capable of reproducing tissue which is full of life and long lasting. The quality of a nutritional program is also improved by omitting toxic substances such as coffee, tobacco, alcohol, sugar, salt, much animal products that are loaded with antibiotics, hormones, etc.

What is the relation of quality of foods to recovery from illness? It is this in a nutshell: The higher the quality of food we eat, the quicker we recover from disease – provided we are able to properly digest and assimilate that food. When the quality of food coming into the body is of higher quality than the tissues which the body is made of, the body begins to discard the lower-grade materials to make room for the superior materials it needs to make new and healthier tissue.  This is the plan of Nature.  The body ALWAYS aims for improvement and tries to produce better health — unless our interference is too great.  Only then do we fail to recover and degenerate further into disease.  The self-curing nature of many conditions such as colds, fevers, cuts, bruises and injuries furnishes endless examples of how the body ALWAYS tends towards health – unless we do something to stop the process.

How the Body Responds to an Improved Dietveggies_small

As we gradually raise our food quality, interesting cleansing symptoms begin to appear.  The cellular intelligence reasons like this: “Oh! Look at all those fine materials coming in.  How wonderful! Now we have a chance to get rid of this old garbage and build a beautiful new house.  Let’s get started immediately.  Let’s get this excess bile out of the liver and gallbladder and send it to the intestines for elimination.  Let’s get this sludge moving out of the arteries, veins and capillaries. These smelly, gassy, brain-stupefying wastes have been here too long – out with them! These arthritic deposits in the joints need cleaning up.  Let’s get these irritating food preservatives, sleeping pills and prescription drugs out of the way. Let’s clear out these masses of fat which have made life so burdensome for so long.”

Stages of Detoxification and RegenerationHerb Cocktail

In the first phase called catabolism, the accent is on elimination, or breaking down of tissue, as the body begins to clean house and remove the garbage deposited in all the tissues.  Wastes are discarded more rapidly than new tissue is made from the new food.  This becomes evident as weight loss. This first stage persists for awhile and is then followed by a second phase called stabilization.

In this phase, the weight remains more or less stable, because the amount of waste material being discarded daily is equal to the amount of tissue which is being formed and replaced by the newer, more vital food. This persists for awhile and is then followed by a third phase – a building up period known as anabolism.

In the anabolic stage, weight starts to go up because new tissues are being formed faster.  This is due to improved assimilation and efficiency made possible by the healthier diet.  The body’s need for the usual amounts of food decreases, and it is able to maintain weight and increase energy with less food. Many persons are able to function very efficiently on two healthful meals or even one meal per day.

In addition to weight changes, other symptoms can occur with a superior nutrition program:

Skin rashes – Some people, especially those who have had tendencies in the past to recurring skin rashes or eruptions, will frequently tend to eliminate poisons and harmful drug residues through the skin again.  If they go to a doctor who is not familiar with this aspect of nutrition, he will diagnose it as an allergy.  The patients ask, “How come I’m eating better now than I ever did before, and instead I’m getting worse?” They don’t understand that the skin is getting more alive and active.  It is throwing out more poisons more rapidly and that these discarded toxins are saving them from more serious disease if they remain in the body – possibly hepatitis, kidney disorders, blood disease, heart disease, arthritis or even cancer.

Colds or fevers – With some people, colds which haven’t appeared for a long time may recur, or even fevers.  This is nature’s way of housecleaning.  Understand that these actions are constructive, even though unpleasant at the moment. DON’T try to suppress these symptoms by the use of drugs.  These symptoms are part of a curing process – don’t try to cure a cure! These are NOT disease conditions if you’re eating properly.  Here is where experienced guidance is of great value.  (Experiencd counselors can help.)

Other symptoms – Headaches, bowel sluggishness, occasional diarrhea, frequent urination, feelings of fatigue or weakness, disinclination to exercise, irritability, and even depression may be temporary reactions to an improved dietary regime. The great majority of people who understand what is going on (and thus eliminate the fear component) find these transient reactions tolerable.

The symptoms will vary according to the materials being discarded, the condition of the eliminatory organs and the amount of energy reserve you have available. The more you rest and sleep when detoxification symptoms are present, the milder they will be and the more quickly they will pass.  The severity of your symptoms will certainly depend on how poor your diet was in the past.  Those who have poisoned themselves through toxic food choices will experience more severe symptoms if their liver, kidneys or other important eliminatory organs have been damaged. When these have been renovated, they will no longer produce symptoms.

Cyclical cleansing – Don’t expect that improving your diet will make you feel better and better each day until you reach perfection.  The body is cyclical in nature, and health returns in a series of gradually-diminishing cycles.  Take hepatitis for example: You start a better diet, and for awhile you feel much better.  After some time, a symptom occurs like diarrhea or nausea for a few days. Then all goes fine for awhile until you suddenly develop a cold and lose your appetite.  After two to three days (assuming you don’t take drugs to treat it), you suddenly recover and feel better than you did for years.  This well-being continues for two months, when you suddenly develop an itch or a rash, which flares up and gets worse for a few days, and suddenly subsides.  Immediately after this you find your hepatitis is gone and your energy is better than ever before.

This is how recovery happens.  You feel better, a reaction occurs and you don’t feel as well for a short while, then you recover and go higher for awhile. Then another reaction occurs, milder than the last.  You recover and go even higher.  And so it goes – each reaction generally milder than the last and shorter in duration, followed by a longer and longer period of feeling better than ever before, until you reach a level plateau of vibrant health. If you learn to obey the laws of Nature, if you learn to eat simple, pure and natural foods that are mostly raw (80% raw and maybe 20% cooked), your body in return will efficiently cast off all the destructive ways of eating you have taken in during your life.

Note: cooking or heating food destroys all enzymes. We require enzymes for all body functions. Enzymes and proteolytic probiotics are the workers. Nothing gets done unless they are present. Protein does not get utilized, minerals are inactive and vitamins do not function without enzymes and probiotics. This is the order that nutrients work in the body.

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Probiotics… The Invisible Universe Of The Human Microbiome

Interesting! Probiotics helps in reducing Eczema, and the best prevention is to introduce a probiotic during pregnancy and post birth – this can reduce the chances of eczema by half!! How awesome is that?! 😉

Also… The microbiome will change the way we treat disease and most important PREVENT disease. Since this video, see below, came out research has revealed that the health of our microbiome can help with weight loss, energy and overall health. It’s fascinating!  Eliminating toxins and eating real, wholesome foods can keep your microbiome healthy.

An easy and glorious video on how to protect the microbiome and avoid autism, ADHD, allergies, cancer and other autoimmune diseases. Plus much more…

Our Proteolytic strain has a bacteria blend that work together by building a strong gut bacteria. 😎 pp240

Did you know?
– 80% of the immune system resides in the gut
– in babies, the digestive system finally sets in by 18 months
– by 3 years of age the microbiome system fully becomes stable

Ensuring a strong gut balance and immune system, concentrate on foods that support gut health like, high fibre foods, fermented foods, and try to achieve a minimum 70-80 plant based foods and 30-20 cooked foods.
Avoid processed, and sugary food.

The next time you look in a mirror, think about this: In many ways you’re more microbe than human. There are 10 times more cells from microorganisms like bacteria and fungi in and on our bodies than there are human cells. But these tiny compatriots are invisible to the naked eye. So we asked artist Ben Arthur to give us a guided tour of the rich universe of the human microbiome.

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Our Body Needs PROTEIN…

Yoga-Pose-150x150Protein Performance

Our Body Needs Protein

Protein is one of the most essential nutrients in our body besides enzymes. It has a wide range of physiological functions that are required for achieving optimal physical performance. Protein forms the structural basis of muscle tissue, is a major source of energy for muscle contraction, and is also the major component of enzymes and blood in the muscle.

Athletes such as dancers and gymnasts who tend to restrict their energy intake to maintain a low body weight, as well as vegetarian athletes, may have a higher protein requirement and/or not ingest sufficient protein for their needs.

The body breaks down protein into individual components of amino acids. These amino acids are then used to rebuild the body and build muscle for athletic performance.

Raw, high quality amino acids will produce lean and stronger muscle without the large size. Heated or cooked amino acids found in soy, whey and animal products will produce more bulky muscles which will turn flabby if workouts are not maintained. Heat binds lysine, which is the controlling amino acid. If food is even a little low in lysine, all the other seven essential amino acids are not utilized. These unutilized amino acid are extremely toxic to the body.

Carbohydrates on the other hand, break down into sugars which the body burns as a stimulant, like pouring sugar in the gas tank of your car. The engine will run much hotter and even have extra horsepower but it will wreck the engine. This same principle applies to the body.

The liver produces glucose levels required for energy, and glucose is created from amino acids. Amino acids are the fuel source for our bodies. Look at the animal kingdom. Ever try to outrun a dog… a deer? How about a cheetah? None of them use carbohydrates they are getting high levels of raw amino acids in their raw diet providing what seems to be an infinite supply of energy.

Having a surplus of raw protein, more than needed to maintain health, provides the body with the ability to support higher activity requirements. 95% of athletes seriously damage their bodies by trying to push its’ limits. They look great on the outside but are in pain and discomfort on the inside. Therefore, supplementation with high quality, raw protein is necessary for the highest athletic performance possible.

Enzymes must be in the body first. Without enzymes, protein is not utilized. Without protein,

minerals are not absorbed. Without minerals, vitamins do not function and in that order.


‘E-Fusion’ is 100% raw vegan amino acids from plant sources. Plant source amino acids are the highest quality amino acid available. Because we are not forced to heat, pasteurize or irradiate plant supplements, we are one of the only suppliers of 100% raw amino acid supplement. This is the top choice for anyone looking to approach sports nutrition from a new angle of total body health.

TOCONew name… E-FUSION Fusion of Phyto Nutrients (A patent pending product) E - Fusion

For Health, Body Building or Physical Conditioning – A complete Meal Replacement.

A powerful cholesterol-lowering, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, anti-cancer action whole food supplement.

A Wholesome, Balanced, Complete food-based vitamin/mineral complex, consisting of organic raw protein, Tocopherols, Tocotrienols, O2 Factor™. Also contains 22 essential and non-essential amino acids.

No refined sugars or fillers.

When used on a regular basis, it helps to provide an increased level of protection against free radical damage.

Coupled with amino acids, it provides a dense, nutrient-rich, source of vitamins and minerals that help support body organ function.

Weight trainers have reported a 600% increase in performance!

A whole food alternative to steroids.

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Health is Not a Matter of Chance – It’s Only a Matter of Choice!

RP3 = Raw Phyto Performance Proteins

Avena - rp3_2

Superb RAW Protein

Detailed PDF on the power behind RP3

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The amount of quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate, favorably influencing fat loss and lean body mass. Quality protein also helps you sustain muscle during weight loss, improve muscle fitness, improve immunity, improve antioxidant function, build HDL cholesterol, and enhance insulin and leptin function – all of which contribute towards optimal fitness levels over time.

A remarkable quality about Avena’s RP3 Protein is that it contains all 9 essential and all the non-essential amino acids in a perfectly balanced Amino Acid Profile. In fact, our comparison by an independent lab test confirms that Avena’s RP3 Protein is equal or higher in some cases than the amino acid profile of egg, whey, and beef. (Please refer to Avena’s Protein Nutritional Facts for amino acid profile. 

Avena’s RP3 Protein is living and more potent and absorbable than non-living animal proteins. Most athletes take high amounts of animal protein that is not usable for the body and is actually acidic creating intestinal toxemia and other disturbances. Because Avena’s RP3 Protein is predigested with bio-fermentation and natural enzymes, it has 95% to 98% digestion efficiency. And it’s completely hypoallergenic.

Goji-berries” – Research has shown that Goji-berries contain the highest concentration of cell nutrients of any whole food in the world.  Goji-berries are high in antioxidants.   The powerful natural food increases intercellular communication and comes high in vitamin B1, B3, and B6.   Goji-berries have all 8 essential amino acids and all the non-essential amino acids.  Goji-berries provide 21 trace minerals and stimulates secretion of the human growth hormone.  Research shows Goji-berries increases energy- cleans the blood and reduces anxiety.

Enzyme Enhanced” – One of the key enzymes is Protease which helps predigest the protein and improves the bioavailability of the protein.  This provides less stress on the organs and reduces inflammation from an intense workout and quicker recovery.

Proteolytic Probiotics” – assist the body to eliminate toxins and waste from bad bacteria and undigested proteins.

Q. How do I use protein for weight loss?

A. Easy to digest proteins are the key to fueling and driving metabolism, The Natural flavor will be the best suited for this purpose, and try and use it in-between breakfast and lunch, prepare for increased hunger, but careful to not over eat due to the increased hunger.

Q. What is the importance of this product being RAW?

A. Amino acids are essential for life and vitality! When protein gets heated, even low heat can cause the Lysine to bind and have a major negative effect on many of the essential amino acids. 

Q. Why is there protease added to this formula & how much?

A. Protease greatly increases the ability to breakdown the proteins into amino acids and dramatically increase the bio availability. We have added 100,000 HUT of Protease per serving. Helping make this virtually 100% absorbable.

Why do we need Protein?  – We need Protein for energy, Strength, building of cell structures, and the breaking down and elimination of toxins.  “Complete protein” – high in branch chained essential and non essential amino acids which help to create greater muscle mass and strength. Avena’s RP3 is based on high quality Pea and Hemp Protein. Contains Branch Chain Amino Acids which are higher than any other plant-based protein. It is a Great energy source!  It builds muscle/burns body fat and increases metabolism and creates a feeling of satiety (fullness). RP3 restores nitrogen balance after intense workouts.   It is easy to digest and easy absorbable.  RP3 promotes healthy liver function. RP3 is a good source of Iron and calcium and contains Edestin which promotes DNA and cellular growth. RP3 assists the body to stabilize blood sugar.

What makes Avena’s RP3 Protein so spectacular?  Synergy!   Each ingredient is exceptional alone, but when selectively combined in a revolutionary new proprietary formula, Avena’s RP3 Protein is overwhelmingly superior to any of its single components.  This dynamic fusion creates a unique, raw, plant-based protein with a complete amino acid profile.  

Avena’s RP3 Protein is the next generation of raw plant-based protein.  An easily-digestible, nutrient- dense super food, perfect for those who want to be ultra-healthy, build muscle strength and be ultra fit.

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